What Does It Mean When You Dream of Whales?

Dreaming about whales

The huge size of a whale is related to the small feelings of a dreamer or the suppressed feelings of an individual. The boundless sea symbolizes a complex emotional world.

Dreaming of a whale is different from dreaming about a fish. It can be like your mother or woman.

I dream that the goldfish will swallow you. It is like arranging an authoritarian mother or connecting with a mother so that you cannot develop as an independent individual. This is a good thing for you. You should leave your mother's care as soon as possible and become an independent person. Self.

Dreaming of a huge whale may indicate that you will have strong and powerful protection.

Dreaming of whales swimming around, indicating that your work life is smooth and everything goes well.

Dreaming that you are riding on a whale, it indicates that you will be brought up by the nobles, so you can make a difference.

Dreaming of a whale splashing water indicates that you will encounter new love and it is worth looking forward to. You and his matchmaker may be a book, maybe the place where the two first met, not the library, or the bookstore.

I dreamt that a whale approached a ship. It indicates that you will become overwhelmed in the face of taking on certain responsibilities and suffer property losses.

Dreaming of killing whales means that you will make the right judgments and success when something is facing an important decision.

Dreaming that the whales turned over a small boat would indicate that you would be trapped in an unfortunate disaster.

The whale is also a symbol of the uterus, dreaming of a whale, may express the desire to return to the mother.

Psychological dreams, dreams, whales

Dream commentary: Animals in dreams represent the part of the character that can only be understood intuitively. Animals with cubs are a symbol of motherhood and motherhood. The cub shows that you care about your innocent part or the children around you. Injured cubs suggest that you may notice difficulties in your own maturity or on your way to life.

Dreaming that animals are eaten may be like the "devil" that you created yourself, and you can conquer them only when you "swallow" them. An animal that resembles a fairy, speaks, daunts, or clever, symbolizes that animals do not know the power of their creation. They do not resist this power because their wisdom is pure and simple. It is important to note the wide tolerance of animals in fairy tales and dreams, because you must connect with this aspect of your personality. The helpful animals symbolize how the subconscious mind creates images of the helpers in the heart.

These animal images make you happy to receive help. Tame a beast or train it as a useful animal, indicating your instinct to try to suppress and make good use of it. If you dream of finding a place to avoid the beast, you are instinctively fighting with dangerous and harmful animals in your life. You must think about whether your actions are appropriate.

Psychoanalysis: If you notice your psychological needs, there will be animals in your dreams that symbolize these needs.

Spiritual sign: Because the whale is an aquatic mammal, it represents the power of resurrection and rebirth.