What Does It Mean When Dreaming of Fish?

What does it mean to dream of fish? Do you dream of fish? Dreaming of fish has real effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination

Dream of fish?

In traditional Chinese dream interpretation, dreaming of fish is closely related to wealth.

Dream of fish swimming in clear water, symbolizing that you will get wealth and power, or that you are now in a good mood and situation, may also indicate that you will have an unexpected income or status promotion.

Dream to see a school of fish in the water, this implies that you have recently had a good fortune, might as well invest in business, may allow you to harvest.

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Dream that the rain is constantly moving, which means that your fame will increase. You may be recognized and respected by others because of a good deed.

Dreaming of fish struggling in shallow water indicates that your job is not going well, progress is difficult and you may be demoted.

Men dream of fishing and forebode disaster.

A woman dreams of fishing, a wealthy husband, and a happy life.

Dream of live fish, going to sea travel.

Dreaming of dead fish is a sign of disappointment and depression.

Dream of putting a dying fish back in the water and bringing it back to life.

Dream of buying fish and may inherit or receive gifts from relatives.

Dream of wading to catch fish, indicates that you will rely on their own ability and extraordinary courage to get their own wealth.

Dreaming that someone is giving you fish is a sign that you are going to get property or that you might be invited to a wedding. If the gift is dried fish, your life will be in surplus.

Dreaming of fishing usually means you can resist temptation. If you dream of fishing by the river, it may also be a sign that your relationship may be in trouble.

Dream of fishing in clear water, and can see the fish in the bite, that you will get what you want, to achieve the wish.

Dream to catch a big fish, lucky, all the best, a woman will marry into a rich family, for the official get the official, for the wealth of the wealth.

Dreaming of your goldfish suggests that you may have an adventure, such as a sudden reunion with a good friend in the street.

Catch a fish in your dream, indicating that you will succeed. The bigger the fish you catch, the more successful you will be.

Dreams of fish eating rice indicate that there may be floods or hindrance to farming.

Dream of fish in well water, indicate you will become rich, or obtain unexpected income.

Dream of eating fish, love a little low luck, also means a strong body, well-being.

Women dream that fish swim in the water and their movements are restricted by their husbands.

The young woman dreamed of fish, indicating that she would have a handsome, capable husband.

Dream of fish jumping out of the water. You've been doing a lot of publicity lately.

Dream of snatching someone's fish or picking up a fish, this is a bad omen, suggesting that your health will be flashing red, so you should pay attention to the physical discomfort, timely treatment, so as not to regret.

Dreaming of a baby fish giving birth is an auspicious sign that you may receive an unexpected income.

Dreams of the resurrection of dead fish indicate that you are going to rise from the dead.

Ancient dream book said dream of fish, fortune, it said the right. The picture of fish in the New Year picture shows "superabundance". From ancient times, fish have represented wealth in people's mind. Maybe it's because to primitive man, catching fish was wealth. So what does dreaming of lots of fish portend?

Dream a lot of fish

Dream of a lot of fish is auspicious omen, the enemy will kill each other, both are dead.

Minors dream of a lot of fish master health need to pay more attention to kidney diseases, such as nephritis, kidney stones. In addition, low back pain is also possible.

Unmarried young people dream a lot of fish, indicating that the dreamer may be looking for another half, or is pursuing progress.

The businessman dreams a lot of fish, implying that the dreamer is looking for opportunities or partners to maximize his profits.

Pregnant women dream a lot of fish, which is likely to be a fetal dream, meaning that the dreamer can give birth to a lovely and healthy baby.

Dream found that there are a lot of fish in the water, found the dream represents a change coming, suggesting that the dreamer is about to enter a new stage of life.

Dream of fish swimming in the water

Dream of many colorful fish swimming in the water, indicating that you have recently come to the arrival of money, should pay attention to seize the opportunity.

Dream of a lot of fish swimming in the water, want to catch fish, but how also can not catch. This is a sign that the difficulties of the recent job will change, but it will take more effort to pay off.

Dream of a number of big fish swimming in the water, go down to catch fish, catch the next big fish. Congratulations, this dream is a very good dream. A windfall will come soon. Try buying a lottery ticket.

Women dream of beautiful fish swimming in the water, gradually swimming to their own, a hand will catch. This is fetal dream, had been pregnant very likely!

Dreaming of lots of fish swimming in the water means that you may wish to become an authority in a certain field. You will also be more proactive in your work/study.

dreaming many fish died

In ancient times, fish represented wealth and was a symbol of auspiciousness. The dreams of fish were mostly auspicious. But there are some exceptions, such as the fish died is a bad omen.

Dream of fish death, indicates that the dreamer health red light, need to pay attention to maintenance. Don't think you don't care about your body just because you are physically strong. Single people dream of fish death,his way is not flourishing, encounter adoring object hard. Lovers dream of the death of a fish, indicating that the recent luck of love is not good, the relationship will be tested

Office workers dream of fish death, indicating that the dreamer's recent work fortune has a small fall, the effort may not get the corresponding return. Students dream of fish death, indicating that recent academic performance is not ideal.

Woman dream of fish dead, it means that near future luck is unlucky .obstacle is heavy, everything is not satisfactory, appropriate is careful and conservative. A man dreams of a dead fish, which means his career is not going well. The merchant dreamed that the fish died and his business would lose money.

Dream of a lot of fish

Fly fish on water Pepsi powder - means that dream of fish flying on water will be all right

Fish move to Wells - dreams of fish in Wells will change jobs

Carp wife pregnant good luck - means that dream of carp, his wife if pregnant or pregnant people dream of carp will have a happy event

Fishing with a net is good luck -- it means dreaming that you are lucky enough to catch fish with a net

Fishing for food is good luck -- it means dreaming of fishing and eating fish is a symbol of good luck

Fish catcher disease - a dream that you will have a minor illness if you grab or pick up a fish

Lucky fishing in the water - means dreaming that you will be lucky fishing

Forest fish hunt nothing - this means that you dream of catching fish in the woods

A school of fish swimming in the main have money - that is to dream a school of fish swimming in the water will be rich

The big fish raises your name -- dreaming the big fish swimming you will be famous

Little fish have great luck -- dream that little fish will have great luck

A dream that dry fish will come back to life -- or that your destiny will change for the better.

Sitting on a fish means the disease will recover.