What Does It Mean When You Dream About Birds?

What does it mean to dream of all kinds of birds? Dream about all kinds of birds? What are the effects and reactions of dream birds to reality? Or the dreamer's own subjective imagination?The interpretation is as follows.

All kinds of birds

What does it mean to dream of all kinds of birds?

Birds in dreams symbolize fantasies, thoughts and ideas that can only be expressed in unfettered conditions. As early as non-christian times, people became interested in birds and flight. It was once thought that the bird was the bearer of the soul, and that it had corresponding powers of magic and divinity. The bird in the dream expresses the human need to endow objects and creatures other than yourself with human characteristics. A bird in a cage may symbolize restriction and wisdom. The bird that flies freely represents thoughts and wishes, and possibly the mind that rises to celestial heights. A particularly colorful bird feather symbolizes your appearance and how you see yourself. The directionless flock represents a confusion of physical or physical observation as opposed to spiritual requirements. Sometimes a bird can represent the feminine, free side of existence. The goldfinch and fire have the same symbolic meaning and thus symbolize spiritual longing. Dreaming birds flying in the high sky symbolizes the spirit of enlightenment on you or your pursuit of knowledge. In a man’s dream, birds represent bestiality. In a woman's dream, the bird represents her spiritual self. On a spiritual level, the bird in the dream represents the human soul.

Dreams of birds of prey, cuckoos, and the possibility that your lover may have committed adultery with another.

Dreaming of nightingales, pigeons and other birds with beautiful songs may indicate that you need to relax and relieve the pressure of interpersonal communication.

Dream of cranes flying in the sky, money may be better. Maybe when your mother's term deposit expires, she'll ask you what you want to buy. Choose something expensive.

Dream of playing with a bird resting on your hand, implying that you will be passionately in love. You will fall in love and taste its sweet and sour.

The dream that the chicken is pecking at the forage is likely to be misinterpreted in terms of behavior. In the street you are inadvertently staring at the adult film billboards, and you just met the students passing by... Later they will look at you with a sneer. Be careful.