What does it mean to steal chicken? Dreaming to steal chicken interpretations.

Dreaming of stealing chickens, what is the meaning of omen

Stealing chicken does not erode rice, means that the chicken is not stolen, but losses a meter, the metaphor I want to take advantage of it. Instead, I ate a loss. Dreaming of stealing chickens, indicating that the recent is easy to make, so the mood has become very poor, it is easy to have a mouth angle at home, I suggest you don't hit the elders.

Dreaming of the chicken is stolen, suggesting that a beautiful fate will come today.

Dreaming of you to steal chicken, suggesting that you are not very good in recent time, and many things are going smooth, and it is a megabytes.

Dreaming of others stealing chicken, indicating that your recent fortune is very good, you can use your own nature, you will get a good performance; .

Dreaming of the weasel stealing chicken, suggesting a lot of peach blossoms in the near future, I suggest you want to be a peach blossom dispute, and you must be careful, it is an ominous sign.

Dreaming of stealing chickens, indicating that your mind is so sensitive, can detect the mood change of the other party, and the friends who have not met will also encounter, but the other party may have a good time. I suggest you have to do it. Good mental preparation.

Dreaming to see others stealing chicken, there will be friends to give you a gift in a variety of excuses, or solve the problem for you behind you, so that you are touched.

Woman dreams of stealing chickens, suggesting that you are not satisfied with the current marriage life, and the mood is very low.

Men dream of stealing chickens, indicating that you are in the career, the polarity is not very high, the pressure is relatively large, the confidence is full, and finally slowly dissociate.

Male men and women dream of stealing chickens, indicating that emotions have matured, and they will go into happiness.

Dreaming from the different funeral people dreaming that stealing chickens, indicating that you will travel long distances in the near future, which may encounter disasters in the middle. It is recommended that you will go back.

The elderly dream of stealing chickens, suggesting more than being cheated by others, if there is investment and financial management, you should know how to listen to the idea of \ \ family, you can't wait for yourself, otherwise you will live not to your life.

The dream of looking for a job, the wish of stealing chicken, job search and changing the working environment, has a strike in a strange field, but the difficulty and blindness of job hunting will also increase.

The people of this year dream of stealing chickens, meaning that the noble helps the fame and fortune. If you have just strong pride, it will provoke.

People in love dream of stealing chickens, showing goodbye, not discouraged, and hope to marry.

People who do business dreams that stealing chickens, representing can't stand, should be resolved or re-organized.

The people who go to school dream of stealing chickens, meaning that the results are not ideal, hope is not big, will come later.

Pregnant people dream of stealing chickens, predicting giving birth to female, winter, giving birth to life.

Dreaming of stealing chicken original li Dream

Wash the chicken.\" Ji Dream\"

The chicken has a big joy.\" Ji Dream\"

The chicken is the main fortune on the tree.\" Ji Dream\"

Big Geely with thief.\" Ji Dream\"

What do you mean by stealing chicken?