What does it mean to see the white tiger? Dream of white tiger interpretations.

What is the meaning of the white tiger?

China's mythical legend, the white tiger is one of the Western spirit beasts of the four-party spirit beast, is the most well known and worship One of the gods.

The tiger in the dream represents women, and the white tiger is especially female. Also represents aggression, and temptation.

Dreaming of seeing white tiger, symbolizing your suppressed feelings or emotions.

Dreaming White Tiger also represents female gender, aggression, and temptation.

If the dream white tiger is in the cage, it suggests that the feeling emotion of the suppressed is the edge of the surface.

Dreaming that you were frank and disappointed by white tiger attacks, you feel that the enemy is in distress and torture yourself.

Dreaming of white tiger chasing himself, indicating that the near future is very good, all things are very smooth, will gain accidental gains.

Dreaming to see the white tiger into the village, indicating that the recent fortune is OK, the feelings are not good, I suggest you learn to bear, soon good luck will come.

Men dream of white tigers, will encounter difficulties on the road of success.

Woman dreams of white tigers, they may be sick with children.

Dreaming of the White Tiger, it might be difficult.

Dreaming of opening a white tiger, the business will succeed.

Dreaming of catching white tiger, is ominous, friends may take themselves.

Dreaming of white tiger rushing to other animals, will worry about your friend's situation.

Dreaming of white tigers to others, may have a major car accident, but can escape in the dead.

Dreaming of a white tiger: There will be no heart to add Liu Ying, and all the details should be paid, even if it is completed, it is necessary to take it, maybe there will be unexpected. Changes and results can follow your keen intuitive.

People in love dream of white tigers, indicating that as long as they trust each other, marriage can be made. There is a festive in the fall.

The people of this year dream of seeing the white tiger, meaning that the fortune is better than in previous years, and the property can be purchased.

Pregnant people dream of white tigers, indicating that life men, spring, women, caution abortion.

People who do business have dreams of white tigers, representing undulating, sticking to adhere to, and finally praise.

Dreaming of the original ji dream

The white tiger is the god of the West, for the imagination of the military, for the sorrow of the murder, for the shame of the murder. Anyone who dreams this, it should be due to things. \"Dream Lin Xuan\"

Riding the tiger, the wicked is not. \" Ji Dream\"

Dream riding tiger drifted, Ji. The main meaning is expensive, the business is profitable, the patient is speed, the career is morenew.Baimende, the day of the year, will be the main Hengchang.\"Dream Lin Xi Xin\"

Dream people ride into the city, fierce.This dream has a pirate attack.If you want to ride itself, you must have a critical thing, and it is inevitable that the staff who will be handsome will be inevitable.\"Dream Lin Xuan\"

Dreams tiger meat.It is a megab to self-sufficiency.Everything must have a credit, started with a job, and it is enriching the food.The female dream is a child, the hunter dreams are meaningless.\"Dream Lin Xuan\"

Dream city tiger fight, fierce.The blind man is honest.Everything is in the moon, and the people are dreaming, and they should be cautious.The woman dreams, the main two compete for the two sons; the men have a witty officer.\"Dream Lin Xuan\"

Dream tiger out of the mountain deep forest.This dream is a megab to go forward.The scholars dream, you have a mad, the tiger list; the scholarship, the right to wear; the fetal pregnancy dream, the primary male brave, must be great.If the business trip is a dream, there must be dangerous to defense.\"Dream Lin Xuan\" What is the meaning of the white tiger?