What does it mean to see the lawsuit? Dreaming of the official interpretations.

Dreaming about what is the meaning of the lawsuit

The lawsuit refers to the legal dispute and litigation in the people's court. Dreaming of fighting lawsuits, indicating that there will be unexpected wealth. Dreaming to go to the court to fight the lawsuit, the days of the borrowing day will end. Dreaming of winning the lawsuit and will soon receive good news.

Dreaming that he understood that the lawsuit against you is to fall against you, indicating that you will be in order to seek your own development, and the invariat of things belong to others.

Dreaming that you accused a person's despicable behavior, indicating that you will have a dispute with your colleagues and may lose your style and dignity.

Dreaming of his friend to fight the lawsuit, indicating that your friends have encountered difficulties need your help.

Dreaming of the defense lawyer of the court, will be famous.

Dreaming that his child is on the judge, indicating that there will be a blessing.

Students dream of fighting lawsuits, and the exam will be smooth and can achieve excellent results.

Dreaming of his boss to fight the lawsuit, will encounter trouble in work, may also be deserved.

Unmarried men and women dream of giving a lawsuit, will be married with people who love their beloved, and life is sweet.

The people who travel dreams, and it is recommended that it will stop in the rain.

The people in love dreams, explaining that as long as they are confident, marriage can be made.

People who do business have dreamed of being a lawsuit, representing a lot of impellers, they cannot be profitable and planned.

The people in this life dream of fighting the lawsuit, meaning that my maintenance, pay attention to nutrition, and financial.

Pregnant women dream of fighting lawsuits, indicating the gender of the two children, such as the head of the boy, then the second child will regenerate the boy.

Dreaming of the original Ji Dream

Officer on the official lawsuit. \" Ji Dream\"

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