What does it mean to see the hens? Dream of hen underpretations.

Dreaming of the eggs of the hens, what is the meaning of omen?

Dreaming of the hen under the egg, the fetus, there will be children soon. The woman dreamed of her chicken eggs, indicating that she will be pregnant, which is a more auspicious sign.

Dreaming of eggs under the old hen, eating eggs, this is a good sign, indicating that the family is going to be born.

Dreaming of the eggs under the hen, eggs except for the fortune, representing new plans and unknown possibilities.

Dreaming of being running everywhere after eggs under the egg, it means that the relationship with the family is not close enough, often quarreling with the family, I suggest you need more than a family, especially the feelings of the old generation.

Dreaming that the hen is broken down on his egg, then it means that the interpersonal relationship around you is not very good, and the relationship with the boss is very nervous, it needs to alleviate the relationship between the upper and lower levels.

Dreaming of a lot of hens eggs: indicating the performance performance, the work atmosphere is reorganized, there is a chance to enter the challenging environment or team, the creative thinking is excited, often can come up with a good idea, express Also quite dazzling.

Candidates see the hen, indicating that the test results will be very good, but it is necessary to continue to work hard, can't relax.

Unmarried women dream of the hens, means being married.

The man dreams of the hen under the egg, said that it is likely to marry his wife and children, live a happy life.

The married man dreams of hen, saying that there is a chance to travel, and there may be a lot of interests.

The married woman dreams to see the hens, indicating that your recent fortune is good, soon, will be pregnant, love will have a crystallization.

The unmarried woman dreams to see the hen under the egg, indicating that you have recently encountered your other half, between the two sides at first sight.

Pregnant women dream of the hen, indicating that it is likely to have a boy, mother and child will be healthier.

Dreaming of hens can hatch eggs and hatching chickens, means living happiness, successful career.

The staff dreamed of the eggs of the hen, said that the nearest people in the dreams are very good, and the interpersonal relationship is good, and the recognition of the affirmation and leadership of the boss can be achieved in the work. This is a good sign of promotion and salary.

The year of this life dreams that the hen goes down, which means that it is from the heart, and the current fortune is hard, and there is a good turnover.

The people in love dream for the hens, explaining the decoration of the appearance, not in the inclusion, should be confident in the marriage.

People who do business dream of the hens, representing the autumn, and the noble helps success. Summer accounting.

Pregnant people dream of the eggs under the hens, indicating that the birth of a man, the autumn, and the body is more maintenance.

What do you mean by dream of eggs under hen?