What does it mean to see the gun? Dreaming of gun interpretations.

What is the meaning of the gun?

The gun is a weapon, symbolizing the misfortune of the world. Dreaming of holding a gun, there will be misfortune. Means that people and trust people will deceive themselves in a very period of time.

Dreaming that he shot hit, suggesting that it may suffer losses.

Woman dreams of shooting people, forevesting out far doors, Ji, but be careful.

Unmarried men and women dream of shooting people, suggesting that your relationship is not satisfactory.

When the doctor dreams people who shoot themselves, it is good to have a good results.

Heard the gunshots in the dream, indicating that you are in the local income, can't send salary, and you will not manage money, some losses have occurred.

Dreaming of shooting the animals or birds that did not hurt their own, they will encounter a sadness and pain.

The woman dreams that shooting will not hurt their animals or birds, will be separated from the husband.

Dream shooting a fierce beast, everything will be safe.

Dreaming of shooting a friend, it will get a friend's help when dangerous.

Dreaming of shooting a wife is nice, his wife will be healthy and extended.

Dreaming of shooting the enemy is an ominous sign, soon, the enemy will attack themselves.

Dreaming of others shooting, and interpersonal relationships have shadows. Your privacy will be found by people around them. Be careful, don't forget that the wall is ear!

people who do business have dreamed of shooting, starting to operate, and then destroyed.

People in love dream of shooting, and honesty to treat marriage.

Pregnant people dream of shooting, giving birth to women. Spring up male. Be cautious to prevent abortion.

The people of this life dream of shooting guns, cautious to prevent financial losses, and everything is not in a hurry, can be safe.

Dreaming of the psychology of the gun

The gun is a weapon, which is a dangerous item. Usually linked with strength, aggression, attack killing. In some cases, the strength and sex of the male. Sometimes we are threatened by guns or gunmen, at this time, the gun represents someone or some forces for stress to hurt our power. In some cases, the gun gangster is a hint of itself a threat. If you have a gun in your dream, you represent your personal strength. Most of the circumstances represent a direct force. A person who is threatened by guns represents a negative impact or influence your thoughts in your life, forcing you to follow some rules.

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