What does it mean to see the golden?

Dreaming of the golden 蝉 What is the meaning of ibra

Jinxiao shelling housing believes that many people have heard of a very famous idiom in my country. Dreaming of gold, indicating that you will encounter your own in the recent career, and your negotiation between you and your people can play a role in promoting your career. It is a not bad, there is a fortune. It means that the reputation is far, the prestige value will increase.

Dreaming of the golden shells, indicating that they don't want to make their lives, I hope I have my own career, I want to do it all over the world, I want to change the desire of the current dilemma.

Dreaming of catching gold, suggesting that you are in a short period of fortune, don't worry, you may encounter a little frustration in your work or life.

Dreaming of the golden shells after shelling, the fortune is good, the bad luck will disappear around her, soon will usher in good luck.

Dreaming to catch gold, indicating that you are not good fortune, don't feel smooth, work or life may encounter a little setback.

Dream to eat gold, indicating that the recent fortune is good, life is smooth, but to avoid the wind is swearing, do not excessively in words and deeds, avoid recruiting.

Dreaming of seeing Jin Xi shelling, poor fortune, with friends, because some of the opinions did not occur, may affect the feelings between the two people.

Dreaming of got a lot of gold, indicating that your love is good, the wish will succeed, can find a wishful heart, is a not bad.

Woman dreams of gold, multi-owner you have not smooth, and you are also self-self, you don't know how to change your stay, is your main reason for your business.

Men dream of gold, it is your opportunity to express myself in your career, and you really encounter people need to take the initiative, this is helpful to your relationship, don't The feelings are escaping, hidden in the heart of your feelings.

Single people dream of golden, indicating that your recent love is not good, there will be a lot of twists on the way of love, I suggest you have to be careful.

The marriage dreams of gold, indicating that your recent marriage life is not very good, may have lived for a long time, I will find that there are many shortcomings in the other side, so that you are very disappointed.

The patient dreams of gold, indicating that your condition has deteriorated in the near future, mainly your mood and does not cooperate with doctors. It is recommended that you need to adjust your mentality and actively cooperate with doctors.

The people in love dream of gold, indicating that the gap is big, and the parents disagree, only it is natural.

The people of this life dream of met the golden, meaning that everything is cautious, and it is in a hurry.

People who do business have dreamed of gold, representing wealth, not very smooth,It is advisable to make a wooden industry and make money.

Pregnant people dream of gold, indicating that girls, and pay more attention.

Dreaming of Jin Jin's original 's dream

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What is the meaning of dreaming of gold?