What does it mean to see the ant nest? Dream of ant kernel interpretations.

What is the meaning of the ant nest?

Ants are an insect with social life habits. The ants are responsible for architecture and maintenance, and the ants in the vicinity of the small granular dirty east, forming a common ant societum. Dreaming of ant kernel, indicating that you will have a lot of trouble.

The man dreams of ants, there will be many trivial things, so that you don't have free time to deal with your own business, you will make a big mistake.

Woman dreams of ants, indicating that there will be many pursuits, and will be dead, don't worry.

Farmers dream of ants, indicating that they will rain, and crops have a very good harvest, and can get a big harvest.

The patient dreams of ants, indicating that your illness is not improved, the condition is not clear, may also need long-term bedrick in bed, to do psychological preparation.

The staff dreams of ants, indicating that the performance of the usage work will be led in the eyes, and can get the appreciation of superior leadership, and have the opportunity to hit the promotion.

Businessman dreams of ants, saying that business will be booming, but they will become very busy, so pay more attention to their physical condition, don't be too tired.

Unmarried single men dreaming of ants, explaining the emotional fortune. Or, don't be optimistic.

The people who plan to go out dream of seeing anthell, suggesting that they are not going out, and the mood will be good.

The people who prepare the exam dream of the ant nest, meaning that the science achievements are not ideal, affecting admission results.

People with pregnant dreams dreams of anthell, foreshot to give birth to girls, caution to prevent abortion.

Entrepreneurship dreams of ants, representing the first, the fire candle is careful, gradually succeeding.

People who talk about marriage dream dreams of antheses, indicating that both sides are just strong, and they are not separated (not).

What is the meaning of the ant nest?