What does it mean to dream of the quail? Dreaming of the quail interpretation.

Dreaming of quail What is the meaning of omen

quail, ancient scorpion Always integrated to rather than group activities. quail quail is generally in the plains, hilhouses, swamps, lakes, and streams of grass, sometimes in shrubs.

Dreaming of quail, symbolizing good luck, will make a fortune and family reunion.

The married woman dreams of quail, if the husband or his own business trips, it means that it will soon meet her husband, and it reflects a feeling of thoughts.

Lovers dream of quail, means that the dream will often date, and the atmosphere of communication is very good.

Dream of flying away from the tree, indicating that good luck, life will be shadowed, encounter difficulties and misfortunes.

The unmarried man dreams of quail, will not show for marriage all day.

The patient dreamed of quail, the case is miracle.

Dreaming of quail eggs, will be lost due to the loss of child.

Dreaming of singing, suggesting that you may make a fortune.

The man separated from his wife or lover dreams of the quail, and the time to meet is far away.

The peasants dream, and the big luck can get a harvest.

Businessman dreams of quail, travel abroad, but doing business in foreign countries will suffer.

The accused person dreams of quail, the facts will prove their innocence and will be released unreasonable.

The married man dreams that he heard the screams, meaning good health.

Dreaming of flying away from the woods, happy days will pass, unlucky days are coming.

Dreaming of death, suggesting that you will have a bad thing to come to your head.

Dreaming of arresting, people who are cheerful, talking humorous, can get a friend's help when they are difficult.

Dreaming of playing is a fierce, which will lead to a bad situation, and the financial resources are exhausted.

Dreaming of quail and smaller people will make friends with people who are gangster.

Dreaming in the jungle hiding, he suddenly found a treasure of hiding.

Dreaming that the quail has fly from the top of the head, to participate in a friend's wedding, will have a pain and happily.

Dream of dreams, suggesting that you will be slow, the business is slow, but in the end, as long as you stick to it, you will definitely succeed.

Dreaming of Quan Cheng Pair If it is an unmarried youth, it is very likely to meet your spring, the peach blossoms open.

Married women dream quail, dreamers will be reunited with their lovers.

Lovers dream of quails, and the dreamer will often be invited to date by the opposite sex.

Quails always cuddle with each other in pairs, dreaming of quails symbolizes the reunion of relatives.

Entrepreneurs dream of quail eggs, indicating slow progress, have confidence, and don’t listen to one-sided words.

People who are talking about marriage dream of quail eggs, indicating that the marriage is difficult to achieve.

Those who are preparing for the exam dream of quail eggs, which means that the liberal arts scores are not good, which will affect the admission.

Those who plan to go out dream of quail eggs, suggesting that they are smooth and can go out.

Pregnant people dream of quail eggs, indicating that they will have a daughter, and in the winter will give birth to a boy, or have infertility and fewer children.

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