What does it mean to see Sparrow? Dream of sparrow interpretations.

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Sparrow is very close, only in the environment of human activities, so some people call them to \ will fly Mouse \ .

Dreaming of sparrows, usually foresee harvest, or the body will restore health. Dreaming of a lot of sparrows, indicating that you will be big, the career is successful.

Dreaming of the sparrow on the field, representing the harvest of crops, and Yin Yin.

Dreaming of sparrows eat bugs, indicating that property is dangerous, or all lose their property.

Dreaming of catching sparrow, expressing sadness may make you recently chaotic, or recently attacked by an enemy.

The patient dreams of sparrow before and after the house, said that the condition is rapidly reduced, and the body will restore health.

Dreaming of sparrows, will be lucky.

The man dreams of sparrow, indicating that the inner heart will worry.

Woman dreams of sparrows, may indicate that children will be sick.

Dreaming of poor Baba or injured sparrow, indicating sadness.

Dreaming of birding birds catching sparrow, saying that there will be unfortunate messages soon.

Dreaming to kill the sparrow, indicating that sorrow or boring will make you serious mistakes, which may cause business or work failure.

Pregnant women dream of sparrow, indicate that the fetus in your belly is healthy, reminding you not to worry, it is not bad.

Pregnant woman dreams of sparrow into the house or sparrow, this dream has a hint role, indicating that you will have an ordinary female baby.

Pregnant women dream of in group sparrow, indicating that the obstacles and stumbling blocks you will appear in life will be faster, and the days of happiness will come immediately.

The pregnant woman dreams many sparrows, this is a beautiful dream, this dream indicates that you will pay the fortune, but also indicate that you have a rich life, but also the meaning of the financial resources.

Pregnant women dream of sparrows, indicating that your property will be threatened, occupied, this dream has both reminders, telling you that don't be too gainful, if it is broken, don't be Small lost.

Pregnant women dream of playing the sparrow of the Valley, indicating that you will have a good harvest this year, or it will refer to the baby will be born smoothly, or the family happiness or this year's income will be very Okay.

Pregnant women dream of sparrow, this is also a warning role, which means that you will have a healthy problem in recent days.

Pregnant women dream of catching sparrow, indicating that you will be attacked by others in real life, and your recent mood is not good, remind you to pay attention to adjust your mind, this will be Get better.

, Sparrow is the conveyor of the soul, which has the corresponding magic and power.The sparrow in the dream expresss the needs of people, ie the characteristics of objects and creatures other than yourself.Sparrow: From it, it reflects busy and hardworking.At the spiritual level, the soul of the sparrow representative of the dream.

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