What does it mean to see hen? Dream of hen interpretations.

What is the meaning of the hen?

The hen hints. Dreaming of hens, expressing a pleasant reunion between new members. Dreaming of hens hatching chicks means that children are healthy filial piety. Dreaming of a lot of hens, means that the financial resources are strong.

Dreaming of killing the hen, meaning that spending money, squandering, causing home production.

Dreaming that his hen was taken away, indicating that the family will be taken by thieves.

Dreaming that the baby's hatching is not good, do things are not successful, you will be very unhappy.

Dreaming of selling old hens, saying that attention should be taken in the near future, there may be some troubles to provoke upper body, pay attention to safety, the boat is naturally straight to the bridge, do not escape.

Dream saw a hen led a group of chicks, if you were a woman, indicating that you often worry, your children will be unconventional.

Dreaming that the mother's chicken will fly, the approach is good, everything around you will be smooth and safe, especially in the fortune, will have a very good opportunity, as long as you can grasp it in time, you can There is a generous income.

Dreaming that there is a hen on the tree, indicating that the dreams are not good, recently will encounter a lot of obstacles, do not succeed in doing anything, will be very unhappy.

Dreaming of the hen under the egg, the fetus, there will be children soon.

Woman dreams of hen, will be pregnant.

Pregnant woman dreams of hens, indicating a bazaar of life.

Pregnant women dream of eggs from hens, indicating that you will be happy in the future, is a not bad.

Pregnant women dream of the roof of the hen, indicating that the son of your future will be a history.

Pregnant women dream of hixing chicks, indicating that your psychological wishes are hoping to succeed in pregnancy, and can successfully produce, have a healthy and healthy baby.

Pregnant women dream of killing the hen, indicating that the money is big, squander, and the home is corrupt.

Pregnant women dream of many hens, indicating that there is a wide range of financial resources, and it is not bad.

The people of this year dream of seeing the hen, meaning that all things are unfavorable, cautious to prevent the official, and friends.

The people traveling to see the hen, suggesting that the vehicle is faulty, and the behavior is excellent.

The people in love dream of the hen, indicating that each other, modest and rich, marriage is expected.

People who do business dreams that the hens, representing the obstacles, will not affect the profit, and it is good to do not change.

What is the meaning of the hen?