What does it mean to pick up a jujube? Dreaming picked jujube interpretations.

What do you mean by dating a jujube?

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Dreams are remind you to pay attention to some special things in life. Dreaming of picking up jujube, indicating that there is a bad thing, and recently pays attention to your health. Dreaming of picking up jujube, giving, gossip, life will be rich.

Dreaming of picking up the jujube is very sweet, forecast, dreams will be diligent.

Dreaming of mom picking up jujube, representing dreams today is quite conservative, some of some of the rooted principles will make you very difficult to adapt to new things.

Dreaming of others picking up jujube, dreams seem to feel inexplicable interference, thinking is unclear, I want to find someone to talk, but there is no very good expression. The recent fortune is not very good.

Woman dreams of picking up jujube, indicating that the basic operation is not good, may have a bad thing, and pay attention to your health in the near future. Dreams are also implying that you are seeking friendship, looking for people who care about you, you are eager to be able to care and help yourself very seriously.

Pregnant women dream of picking up jujube, pay attention to their health, predicating that you will be in the past, will usher in a new situation.

Pregnant woman dreams of jujube, predicted that you are very good in recent time, especially in terms of fortune fortune, is a good sign.

Pregnant women dream of green dates, predicate you and the fetus is healthy, the workplace pregnant mother does this dream will also raise the opportunity, is a good dream of auspicious.

Pregnant women dream of a lot of jujube, pre-interesting your life is full, many friends are auspicious.

Pregnant people dream of picking up jujube, predicting giving women.

The people traveling to pick up the jujube, smooth.

The people who go to school dreamed of picking up jackets, more efforts, more prepared, and hope to admit.

The people in love dream of picking up jujube, explaining the wish, there is integrity to get along with marriage.

People who do business have dreamed of picking up jujube, representing difficulties, should not invest in large investment, standing for time.

The people in this life dream of picking up jujube, meaningful for familying, loss of belongings, or disaster or lawsuits with water.

What do you mean by dreamed of picking younger jujube?