What does it mean to have a dream of gold?

What do you mean by dream of gold?

It is actually what we often say. The happens is usually not a good thing in the dream, indicating that you will suffer setbacks. But dreaming of gold is a sign of auspicious.

Dream of dreams, indicating that you have more leadership, although the posture of the command order can bring you a good mood, but be careful not to make people make too much fire, causing subordinate riots.

Dreaming of golden 蟾蜍, means today you will often be in a silent position, even if you have worked hard, you can't get the appreciation.

Dreaming of the golden swallow, you are not lucky, the mood is not good, the life is high, I feel a bit suppressed, I hope some people will be pre-help, I hope you will always be happy with people, and adjust the mentality. .

Dreaming to catch gold, mood is a little crazy. For some things clearly, I don't know, but I can't say that there is a root.

Dreaming of gold to do the golden fumes, you can find potential opportunities for two days, usually pay more attention to small things around you.

Woman dreams of golden toad, your marriage is very happy, and life after marriage has gradually entered the right track. Unmarried women dream of golden, suggesting that your last fortune is rising, may encounter the object you want to marry

Single noble dream of gold 蜍, recently love, but still calculate . It will feel that I don't know if I have a harsh requirement, even if there is a harsh requirement.

The entrepreneur dreams of golden toad, good fortune, quite gain, can consider bold investment. The delivery is very good, but the process should have worked hard.

Dream of finding gold, there are a lot of job interview opportunities, and you can have a lot of help to your career, which may be a turning point in your life.

Office worker dreams of gold toad, hints that the efforts to get the affirmation of the boss, will be promoted.

Student dreams of golden toad, suggesting that the results will progress, can not relax, to be uninterrupted learning knowledge.

The elderly dreams of gold, luck is very prosperous, although it is smooth, but avoids excessive words and deeds. Be modest and tolerant.

The patient dreamed of the golden toad, suggesting that your condition will soon recover.

Pregnant women dream of golden toad, indicating that you will live very rich, the baby will become a rich people in the future, it is not bad.

The people in this life dream of golden toad, meaning the property loss, there is gratin will have a hatred, cautious to repeat.

The people in love dream of golden toad, indicating that the initial opinion is not, and then cultivating the feelings, it is expected to be married.

Pregnant people dream of golden toad, indicate that gods,Spring up men, don't get tired, caution abortion.

People who do business have dreamed of Golden toad, and they cannot dominate the profits, and they will lose money.

The people who travel will dream of gold, suggest that they do not change the trip, as scheduled, safe round trip.

Dreaming of the original 's dream of Jinzhi

Dream.Dream dream, the main must become a fairy.\"Dream Secretary\"

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