What does it mean to eat chicken? Dreaming to eat chicken interpretations.

What do you mean by eating chicken meaning

Dreaming of chicken, hinting the fortune, you will have positive, crossing money. Chicken Nai \ Ji \u0026 RDQUO; also is a dream of auspicious. Dreaming of eating chicken, indicating that there is a good thing.

Dreaming of eating chicken is a good dream, if it is going to work, it will get the affirmation of the boss, and there is a chance to promote. If it is a person who is a boss, the cause will become more and more strong.

Dreaming of eating chicken wings, representing your customers.

Dreaming of yourself eating chicken, hinting the future.

Office worker dreams of eating chicken, working proper, and has always adhered to an item to be achieved. It is possible to encounter the secret inspection of the boss, there is a chance to mobilize or promotion, and it must be well grasped everywhere.

Female dreams of eating chicken, the main travel may be dangerous, unlucky.

Dreaming of eating chicken legs, indicating that life will happiness.

Dreaming of eating broken chicken legs is a sign of sick.

The patient dreams of eating chicken, indicating that they will soon recover health.

Dreaming that chicken legs were eaten by others, indicating that they will be infected with infectious diseases.

Dreaming of eating chicken claws, life is carefree.

The students dream of eating chicken claws, indicating that the test results are good.

Dreaming of eating a chicken head, there will be a day after the symbol.

Dreaming of eating eggs, gossed, home to boy.

Dreaming of others eating eggs, interpersonal relationships will handle very harmonious.

People who do business dream of eating chickens, representing partnership business is not done, not big investment, should not admit.

The people in love dream of eating chicken, explaining the intervival, sincerely treat, marriage.

Pregnant people dream of eating chicken, indicating that giving birth to women, spring up for men, soil do not accept the nausea, avoid moving the soil.

The people in this life dream of eating chicken, meaning that all things have changed, transforming their occupations, and more relocated.

What do you mean by eating a chicken?