What Does It Mean To Dream That I Was Beaten?-Dreams Interpretation

If you dream of being beaten by others, it means that you are under greater pressure and self-expectations and cannot face the reality. You should face life positively.

Dreaming of being beaten by others and fighting back by yourself means that you will face difficulties and pressures with a positive attitude and that you can overcome everything. 

If you dream of being beaten by someone and running away desperately, it means that you may succumb to everything you encounter and are not very confident.

Dreaming of beating someone to bleed indicates that the current difficulties will have some impact on you, and you must take precautions.

Dreaming of hitting someone else’s child indicates that your fortune is very good and you may get pocket money.

If a job seeker dreams of hitting someone else’s child, it means that you have average luck in finding a job and the success rate is not very high, but you must be careful to leave others with a weak impression.

Adults dream of hitting other people's children, which means that you should pay attention to the health of your five senses and head. Headaches and dizziness may occur.

Those who are preparing to take the test dream of beating someone else’s child indicate that they should think more and get rid of external interference in the dark, which is more conducive to learning.

Dreaming of fighting with classmates indicates that your interpersonal relationship is very good, you can boldly associate with others, and the people around you will treat you frankly.

If you dream of your lover being beaten, it means that the relationship between you will be deeper and it will last for a long time.

If you dream of hitting yourself on the chest, it means that you have to be careful not to be implicated in the case or that you may be separated from your family.

Dreaming that others want to hit you indicates that your recent words and deeds have caused dissatisfaction with others. You should pay attention to your surrounding relationships and words and deeds.