What does it mean to dream of your husband hitting someone? | Dream Interpretation

To dream that your husband hits someone means that you will have a lot of luck in wealth, and you are a person who is good at management. What's more, you can be honest with others and have a sincere friendship with each other, so you will have good luck in your career and be transparent. , and get help from others, only by being prudent in life, the luck of wealth can be improved. If you dream like this, it means that there are many villains around you, entanglements with others, causing disasters, and disputes between right and wrong. Summer dreams are auspicious, but spring dreams are unlucky.

Dream of those who are pregnant with Liujia, it is auspicious to go south, have a source of wealth, have strong insight, quick thinking, and a lot of wealth.

A person seeking money outside dreamed that her husband hit someone, which means that the fortune is quite rich, and those who get help from others in their careers will be a sign of prosperity. If there are many businesses, there may be opportunities to get rich, and it is a sign of abundant financial resources.

Dream of a full-time wife, to get this dream of fire and earth, mostly means the good luck of Qianlima meeting Bole, and the meaning of fame and fortune.

A married woman dreams that her husband hits someone, the relationship between the different in nature is quite complicated, and there are unfavorable things in the relationship.

A person with a head disease dreams that her husband hits someone, which means that life is difficult to go smoothly.

A divorced man dreams of his husband hitting someone, indicating that there are many disputes in the host family, and those who have suspicions with the family will have a lot of quarrels with their lover. For dreams.

A married person dreams of her husband hitting someone, which means that the dream is unfavorable, such as inconvenient legs and feet or waist disease, poor mobility, such as recent disputes with children at home, which will cause more troubles in career.

People engaged in management, human resources and other industries dream of their husband hitting someone, and seek money in the southeast, which means that their career has improved. .