What does it mean to dream of wearing a melon shell hat? | Dream Interpretation

To dream of wearing a melon shell hat indicates that there are signs of turmoil in the main career, disharmony with each other, and signs of difficulty in improving fortune. You should be cautious in everything, even if you treat others with sincerity, but often Get entangled by villains. If you have this dream, although you have noble people to help you, you should make a decision after discussing with others. People with self-disposition are often deceived by others in their lives. Dreaming in spring is auspicious, but dreaming in autumn is unlucky.

The dream of seeking scholars, seeking money in the south is a sign of partial wealth luck, mostly for the help of nobles, and can accommodate wealth from all directions. .

A married man dreams of wearing a melon shell hat, which means seeking wealth together with others, or getting along well with wealth, which is the guidance of noble people. The owner of this dream has a lot of careers, and he can get along well with others, and each other has rich fortune and the power of wealth.

Dream of a remarried person indicates that there is a sense of uneasiness in the main career, and those with a stubborn personality imply that it is difficult to improve fortune.

A woman who has just lost love dreams of wearing a melon shell hat, which means that the dream is not going well, and the relationship between the different in nature is complicated, which is a sign that it is difficult to seek money smoothly.

A person who is pregnant with Liujia dreams of wearing a melon shell hat indicates good luck in life, and if there are important decisions at home in the near future, she may be able to help.

Middle-aged men dream of wearing melon shell hats, which means that there are many troubles at home, uneasy getting along with family members, and many troubles at home.

A family trader dreams of wearing a melon shell hat, limb disease, leg and foot disease, the physical condition shows signs of aggravation, if you are not suitable, go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible, and do not delay the condition.

Those engaged in cultural enterprises, etiquette models and other related industries dream of wearing a melon shell hat, which indicates that they are seeking money from the southeast, which is an invisible thing. Get along with each other sincerely, and there may be signs of good luck in each other's careers.