What Does It Mean To Dream Of Wealth?-Dreams Interpretation Online

Dreaming of wealth, in general, is a symbol of luck and wishful thinking.

To dream that you have small savings indicates that your life is happy.

To dream that you have a lot of wealth is the opposite dream, which means you have to experience sadness.

Dreaming of rich wealth indicates that you will be worried about the safety of your children.

A businessman dreams of rich wealth: indicates that the business may lose money. It is recommended that you proceed with caution to avoid financial stress in the later period.

Dreaming that others have rich wealth indicates that your life will be slutty and extravagant, and will gradually deplete your savings at home. You must be psychologically prepared.

To dream that your wife has rich wealth indicates that your income will increase, or your business will be prosperous, you must seize the opportunity.

To dream of abandoning your rich wealth indicates that you may be threatened by the enemy recently. If you are not careful, you may be defeated.

Dreaming of getting hidden wealth indicates that you may spend money in a recent lawsuit.

Dreaming of hiding wealth reminds you not to just want to get wealth, but to earn the wealth you deserve through hard work, and it will be more real through continuous accumulation.

An unmarried woman dreams of hiding wealth, indicating that you may marry a rich man.

A businessman dreams of hiding wealth, indicating that you may be too cautious in doing business, which will affect your income and wealth.

Dreaming of giving your wealth to others implies that you can make a fortune.

Dreaming of losing a wealth of wealth indicates that you have a good fortune recently and you will lose money. Be cautious.

A rich person dreams of getting wealth, it is an auspicious omen and good luck.

Poor people who dream of getting wealth will have nothing, hungry and cold.

A woman dreams of getting wealth and will soon give birth.

A businessman dreams of getting wealth and his business will be more prosperous.

Dreaming that a person or a thief with a bad character gets wealth, will be arrested and punished.

To dream of consuming the wealth of relatives and friends is an ominous omen and you will lose the help of others.

To dream that the enemy spends time and drink, enjoy it, is a good omen and can defeat the enemy.

Dreaming of inheriting property indicates that you have found a good job.