What does it mean to dream of thunder and lightning? Dreaming of thunderic interpretations.

What do you mean by dreaming about lightning

I believe that many people have seen the experience of lightning through the sky. Dreaming of thunder and lightning represents the development of feelings. The dreamer may feel the bombardment of various things and feelings. It also represents the suppressed anger.

Dreaming of thunder and lightning through the sky, reminding you to pay attention to physical health, and there will be a possibility of stomach pain in the near future.

Dreaming of thunder and lightning is constantly being frightened, indicating that your luck will have twists and turns, and people in love will have a mouthful.

Dreaming of lightning light, implying that I have a good fortune.

Dreaming of thunderbolt almost split itself, there is a good fortune recently, but it is also relatively large in expenses. He is very motivated to work or study, and can go all out for your own goals. Good emotional fortunes, the opportunity to encounter the other half of the single, it is recommended not to be too proud, and those who have a partner can obtain the power of healing from the other half.

Dreaming of a thunderbolt hit the big tree, indicating that there will be an accident, and you must be vigilant when you go out. Try not to conflict with others. If you see a fierce dog, you must be cautious. Attack by a dog. When walking out, you should also be alert to the sudden fall, and try not to walk against the roots of the wall, so as not to fall.

Dreaming of lightning hitting the house, indicating that the results you expect may not happen. You have made a lot of effort before, and you hope that the result is what you expected, but there will be some many changes in fact As a result, the results are deviated.

Dreaming of thunder and lightning passing from the dark, indicating that the disaster would fall on your head. Although you have not found any strangeness in the near future, the danger has actually quietly come to you. Be careful with acting.

Dreaming of thunder and lightning to the empty field, indicating that you will have a powerful opponent to tease you in the near future. He may not necessarily cause you trouble at work, and it may provoke you in your life.

Dreaming of sliding directly into the sea from the sky, this is a sign of poor relationship with the family. The distance from heaven to the sea is the distance between you and your family.

Dreaming of thunder and lightning is loud, implying that the fortune is not good, there will be problems in interpersonal communication, it may be bullied by others, enthusiastically help others but not be appreciated by others, and it is easy to lose themselves in interpersonal communication. For a while, I didn't know what to do.

A married woman dreamed of thunderbolt: It means that you are worried about your husband, and you will inevitably care about your husband in your life.

People in love dreamed of thunder and lightning, indicating that their loved ones have opinions, not discouraged, and eventually hope to get married.

People who do business dream of thunder and electricity, which means that although there is a destruction of words, it will not affect profit.

People of this year of life dream of thunder and lightning,It means gaining money, setting up real estate, and smooth.

Pregnant people dream of thunder and lightning, indicating that there are daughters, and winter is male.Be careful.

Patients dream of thunder and lightning: the body will recover.

Dreaming of the original version of interpretation of the thunderbolt

Dream Thunder Electric light illuminates the body.The Lord Rong pets, get the position.The woman's dream, the master of the husband Rong Ziui;\"Menglin Xuan Jie\"

Menglei Electric.The dream of a pregnant woman, the master of the master; the scholar dream, the Lord Lu is approaching;\"Secretary of Dream Broken\"

What are the signs of dreaming of lightning?