What does it mean to dream of the roof? Dreaming of the roof interpretations.

What are the signs of dreaming of the roof

The top cover of the house or structure, the highest part of the house. Dreaming of the roof usually symbolizes some kind of protection and blessing.

Dreaming of paying great attention to the roof, indicating that the dreamer is thinking about the protection he can provide or seek in the near future.

Dreaming of climbing on the roof, indicating that the dreamer has a spirit of aggressive and perseverance pursuing progress, indicating that your situation will soon be changed.

Dreaming of repairing the roof or decorative roof, indicating that income will increase, or the position will be improved, and the situation will greatly improve.

Dreaming of falling from the roof, implying that your success may be just a flash, fleeting.

Dreaming of the thief standing on his roof, heralding a fortune and rich input.

A woman dreams of grass roof, indicating that you will get sick.

Farmers dream of brick roofs, indicating that the harvest is in hoping.

The businessmen dream of the brick house roof, indicating that the income will decrease.

Dreaming of building a roof, the work you engaged in, the income will be generous.

Dreaming that the roof is made of lime or cement, which is a sign of auspiciousness.

Dreaming of trees through the roof, but recent things are not smooth.

Dreaming of a large seam or a large hole in my roof, the property must be lost.

Dreaming of the roof is tapped, which means that there is no sense of security in his heart.

Dreaming of the roof of your home was tapped, indicating that there would be an accident in his home.

Dreaming of the roof in the neighbor's house was broken, indicating that he would argue with people.

Dreaming of the fire on the roof, indicating that you will happen in your own body in the near future, it may be that you are going to be promoted to salary.

Dreaming of leakage on the roof indicates that you will have a disaster recently, you need to prevent it in advance, and you may have an impact on your or his family's life. In addition, it may also indicate that there are some vulnerabilities you are doing, and you may be used by the intentions and need to be made up early.

The businessman dreamed that the roof was leaking, indicating that there were some problems in your business. It may be that some people inside wanted to swallow your funds. It is best to check the account.

Men dreamed that the roof was leaking, indicating that your recent career will have a crisis. It may be caused by some small things around you, so don't miss anything.

A woman dreams of leaking the roof, indicating that your feelings are not smooth, and may be suffered by many damage, causing you not to trust in love.

Dreaming of the round roof indicates that there will be a gratifying change in your life, and you will enjoy the glory in the future.

Dreaming of watching the round roof from a distance indicates that you will never reach your ideal peak. If you are talking about love, the person you love will laugh at your diligence.

Dreaming of snow on the roof indicates that your recent dating is smooth and the harmony of each other will increase each other's feelings and need to grasp it.

Dreaming of the frost dropped roof, indicating that the career is not cheerful, the capital turnover is not spiritual, and the family revenue and expenditure will continue to appear red words, so that family discomfort is troublesome. It is a fierce dream.

The shareholders dreamed that the frost dropped the roof, and the stock market hinted that the dream from the roof from the bottom to see that the stock price was high, and they should buy it while falling back.

Pregnant women dream of covering the roof. This is a auspicious sign, indicating that pregnant mommy will have a white and fat boy.

The pregnant woman dreams of her husband to help cover the roof, which indicates that her husband will gain something after hard work, or it may be a money income or a chance to be promoted. Therefore Essence

The people of the fateful year dream of the roof, which means that the luck is undulating, and everything is careful to prevent the villain from being framed.

The pregnant person dreamed of the roof, indicating that there were men, be careful of water and fire, and avoid moving the soil and moving the gas.

People who do business dream of the roof, which means that it is logical and naturally gaining money. Be careful to prevent changes.

People in love dream of the roof, indicating that sexuality is difficult to accommodate, and the marriage can be achieved.

Dreaming of the original Zhou Gong interpretation of the roof

Seeing the grass roof, the Lord is fierce. \"Zhou Gong's Dream Interpretation\"

What are the signs of dreaming of the roof?