What does it mean to dream of the river? Dreaming of the river interpretations.

What do you mean by dreaming about the river

In the dream, the river symbolizes the continuous life of the rivers, and the river means through the test of life, which represents the smoothness of life. Dreaming of the river, which means nourishing, women or other water represented, can also represent the course of life, or a symbol of obstacle and dividing.

Dreaming of the rivers of the river means happiness; dreaming of a waterfall in the river indicates that you can realize your wishes, work, study and life smoothly.

Dreaming of the river clear and shining in the sun, indicating that it is rich in economy and likes amusement.

Dreaming of the turbid and dim river, indicating that there may be uncomfortable friends around, friendship has shadows, and love is worried.

Dreaming of flooding in the river and washed away, implying that there was disease or loss, and marriage was not happy.

Dreaming of the rush of the river is turbulent, which means anxiety because of trouble.

Dreaming of a dry river implies that it will be lost.

Dreaming of walking along the river may indicate that you are thinking or seeking answers.

In the dream, you crossed the shallow river barefoot, which may indicate that you will change your personality, such as sudden patience.

Dreaming of being washed away by the river or drowning in the river, indicating that your subconscious hopes to use sex to alleviate the current pressure.

Dreaming of the Yellow River is a sign of the great luck. If it is a businessman, it indicates that it can make money in the transaction. If it is a person in love, it indicates that the timing of proposal has arrived.

Dreaming of the rivers soaring, there are still collapse and flooding sounds in the dream, and it is accompanied by fear of fear. This is a very bad dream, indicating that you will have a sudden dilemma. Easy to solve.

Dreaming of the sand and stone in the river indicates that your recent fortunes are very good. On the way out, you will get an unexpected wealth. Remember to use this money reasonably.

A woman dreams of the river, indicating that you will receive your parents' invitation to return to your mother's house recently.

Men dream of the river, indicating that your body will be strong in the near future.

The people of this year of life dream of the river, which means that money is careful, and be careful to prevent the loss of the thief's property or the disaster of blood.

The people who attended the school dreamed of the river, which meant that it was not good and failed to reach the ideal. The autumn test was slightly beneficial.

People who do business dreamed of the river, representing the beginning of gain, and then disagreement, and the decline was unfavorable.

People in love dreamed of the river, explaining that sex is difficult to accommodate, and the marriage can be achieved.

The pregnant person dreams of the river, indicating that there is a daughter, and the autumn is born. Use less mind.

Those who travel dream about the river. It is recommended that you go out, and you should be cautious and the harm of fire.

What does it mean to dream about the river?