What does it mean to dream of the door god? Dreaming of the door god interpretations.

What are the signs of dreaming of what the door god means

The door god is a painting on the door of the Lunar New Year. As the gods of guarding the portal of folk beliefs, people stick their idols on the door to drive away evil spirits and avoid ghosts, defend their houses, protect Ping An, help utilitarian, and reduce auspicious. Dreaming of the door god, the signs, is a sign of success and profit.

Dreaming of yourself is a door god, indicating that your recent interpersonal relationship is good, and you will gain success or wealth through the hands of friends. It can be said that you are your nobles. Even if you encounter difficulties, friends will help each other without complaints.

Dreaming of the door god and yourself passing by, indicating that you might pass your shoulders with your nobles, missed the opportunity to highlight yourself or make yourself successful, and at the same time, interpersonal relationships will be relatively low. Essence

A married woman dreamed that the door god with a smile indicates that in the near future, she will give birth to a smart child. When they grow up, they may be famous and respected.

Dreaming of holding a weapon in the door of the door, indicating that you will destroy the enemy, and the road will be smooth and unobstructed.

Men dreamed that the door god flew to themselves, indicating that the interpersonal relationship of the dreamer was good. Recently, he would meet a lot of friends with similar interests.

A woman dreams of flying to herself, indicating that there will be noble people in their careers, grasping it well, they will win and gain.

Dreaming that the door god was angry, indicating that you may suffer unknown oppression in the near future, you need to pay more attention to the changes next to you, otherwise you will hurt yourself.

The businessman dreamed of the door god, indicating that your business was looking for the right door, and it was very popular in everyone's eyes. This makes your stable customers a lot of customers and the business is booming.

Students dream of the door god, indicating that you will achieve good results in the recent exams. They are also among the top names in the grade and are praised by the teacher.

Men dream of the door god, indicating that you will develop well in a certain aspect, be affirmed by the people around, and the social status will rise rapidly.

Officials dreamed of the door god, and the officials were lucky, and they would succeed in the officialdom. Everything went smoothly.

Young people dream of the door god, saying that his studies are smooth and happy.

Adults dream of the door god, suggesting that the career is successful and the family is prosperous.

Patients dream of the door god, they can gradually recover.

People in love dreamed of the door god, indicating that as long as they communicate with each other, there is no conflict.

The pregnant person dreamed of the door god, indicating that there was a man, and August was born with a woman.

People in this year of life dream of the door god, which means that you are careful, damage the disaster of blood light, or fracture trauma.

The original interpretation

Dream Delow Men God, the main test election Zhong Gao Kui.\"Menglin Xuan Jie\"

Mengyoumen God.Shizi dreams, the main merit name is auspicious.\"Secretary of Dream Broken\"

What are the merits of dreaming of the door god?