What does it mean to dream of the cross? Dreaming of interpretations.

What do you mean by dreaming of the cross

Cross is the sign of Christianity today, representing love and redemption, and a sacred and inviolable symbol. Dreaming of the cross means that there is a confession in my heart, or the pressure of life and career is too heavy, which makes people painful.

Dreaming of the cross of Jesus, indicating that he will be rich and expensive.

Dreaming of a golden cross, indicating that he will break the conventional victory.

Young men and women dream of the cross, symbolizing mystery, and of course one of them.

Entrepreneurs dream of the cross, representing success and joy after fighting.

The patient dreams of the cross, indicating that your body will heal soon.

The businessman dreamed of the cross, indicating that you are about to succeed.

Entrepreneurs dream of the cross, which means that you have to make a hard fight for fighting, and you will get success and joy, and harvest the harvest after cultivation.

Dreaming of any cross, which means that you have to work hard, usually full of thorns, you will get success and happiness of success.

Dreaming of the sign of the Red Cross indicates that you will suffer and poverty will accompany himself. So work hard to change.

Dreaming of the blood -colored cross indicates that what you are doing will be more ups and downs than when others are in progress, and you can't even go on.

People who do business dream of crossing, can get rich, have patient operations, and get Jiqing after a twist.

People in love dreamed of the cross and quarreled for a little thing. The misunderstanding should be explained clearly.

People of this year of life dream of cross, humble and polite, everything is smooth and harmonious.

Pregnant people dream of crossing, giving birth to men, and daughter in August. Mother security, son is unfavorable.

Dreaming of the psychological interpretation of the cross

The cross was a torture instrument in ancient times, and it was a way of execution of death penalty. In Western literature, the cross is generally metaphorized. Today, the cross is the marking of Christian faith, which is no longer a symbol of pain and shame. Catholics and Orthodox drew a cross in their chests or wear a cross to determine their beliefs, make cleaning, or commemorate the death of Jesus to save all mankind. Cross: Each cross -type pattern shows the spirit of pregnancy in material. Generally speaking, the soul is further symbolized by the symbol of the sword and symbolic arm, which further symbolizes the suffering, and the execution of the cross, and then symbolizes the perfect heavenly path. The four major directions of each other symbolize disputes, pain and patience. If someone survives this stage, it will reach perfection and improvement. The triple arm above Jesus' cross sheet also indicates the father of the fairy., Son and Sacred Spirit (Dreaming of the Cross).

What are the merits of dreaming of the cross?