What Does It Mean to Dream of Suicide?- meaning &symbol |Dreams Interpretation

Dreaming of suicide means that you are tired of the current life situation and that there is nowhere to escape from all the pressures, but this dream implies that you have a chance to regain a new life, because suicide in a dream means bad You are dead. From now on you will put aside all the unpleasant things, and your future life will be more purposeful and have a brand new self.

Dreaming of someone committing suicide indicates that life is under pressure and worry.

A policeman dreams of suicide and will be punished for failing to perform his duties. Tourists dream of someone committing suicide, it is recommended to stay outside or postpone it until spring.

A pregnant woman dreams of suicide, indicating that she will give birth to a boy. If the child is born in August, it will be a girl.

Dreaming of someone committing suicide indicates that the dreamer's recent fortunes are not very good. It may be something you wanted to get before, but you didn't get it through hard work, but you still have some gains.

When someone in love dreams of someone committing suicide, it means that you and your lover met by chance, and there is a big age difference, so there is a high chance of getting married.

Businessmen dream of suicide by others, which means that they have money to make money, work hard, and gain benefits only if they have patience.

Students dream of suicide, which means that after one failure, they will get good results in the next exam.

To dream of someone jumping into the sea to commit suicide means that you have the opportunity to explore new resources.

Dreaming of someone hanging by suicide indicates that there will be no serious illness soon, and the body is very healthy.

Dreaming of committing suicide by taking medicine, the fortune is not good, because oneself spends money uncontrollably, will soon lead a poor life. 

Dream interpretation:

Suicidal dreams make you notice the ending of a project or a relationship. Suicidal behavior is also a sign of anger at oneself.

Psychological analysis:

From an emotional point of view, suicidal behavior in a dream may imply that you no longer have the ability to adapt to a certain situation in life, but it does not mean that you are also suicidal in real life. The suicidal behavior in the dream just means the deliberate end of a certain life stage. Dreaming of someone committing suicide may mean that the dreamer saw a similar scene recently and then imagined it.

Spiritual symbol:

On the road of spiritual development, one must often abandon the old self. This is manifested as suicidal behavior in the dream.