What does it mean to dream of rainstorm? Dreaming of the raining interpretations.

What is the sign of dreaming about the rain

The rainstorm can easily cause floods, cause a lot of losses, and hinder people's travel. Dreaming of heavy rain indicates that there will be obstacles on the road to career development. Dreaming of storms, implying that the work they are engaged will have good income.

Dreaming of heavy rain pouring, indicating that there may be some difficulties in the career.

Dreaming of the storm, indicating that your current work will bring a good income.

Dreaming that the storm is about to come, then the signs of Geely come one after another.

Dreaming of the collapse of the heavy rainfall beams, indicating that a disaster will come in the near future, which is an ominous sign.

Dreaming of the heavy rain and health problems. In particular, we must pay attention to diseases such as nephritis, hepatitis, jaundice, epidemic colds and irregular menstruation. The best health method is sufficient sleep.

If it is a woman's dream suddenly storm, it may be that the family will encounter difficulties and be prepared.

When my husband was away from home, he dreamed of heavy rain, indicating that you might have a long separation with your wife and children.

Dreaming of heavy rain and penetrating raincoats indicate that you can get help when you get trouble recently, and it will soon solve the problem.

Dreaming of the collapse of the raining house indicates that you are often in a passive state recently.

Farmers dream that the rainstorm is auspicious and will get a good harvest.

Dreaming that the rainstorm is trapped by yourself, it means that your fortune is very good. The ability to make money in real life has improved, and there will be good opportunities to make money around you.

Dreaming of heavy rain drowning crops, unlucky, the crops in the dream represent your own wealth. This dream implies that you may have financial problems, money will be lost or snatched by others. At the same time, do not make any big investment in the near future, the fortune is very bad.

Dreaming of the rainstorm is running yourself. You may have a difficult day in the near future, you may have a career, and you will have difficulty in yourself and your family. These days will not pass quickly, and you need to work hard to recover.

Men dreamed of heavy rainstorm, and the signal of career hindered. Maybe you have always been able to complete the work well recently. At the same time, you will encounter some difficulties at the same time to make you stop.

Women dream of heavy rain. This is a hint of her feelings. Maybe you will break up with your lover recently.

The businessman dreams of heavy rain, indicating that your recent fortunes are not good, business is not very popular, and business income will not be high.

Pregnant women dream of heavy rain, indicating that you should pay more attention to your health in the near future, pay attention to nutrition during pregnancy, and avoid your babyDisadvantages are ominous signs.

The pregnant person dreamed of the rainstorm, indicating that there were men, autumn and women, and beware of abortion.

Those who travel dream about heavy rain, and it is recommended to abide by the rules of tourism. Don't change your journey.

People who do business dream of heavy rain, representing the loss of confidence, friends who have faith, and suffer losses.

Those who attended the school dream of heavy rain, which means that science grades were poor and failed to meet the admission criteria.

The people of this year of life dreamed of heavy rain, which meant to be careful when going out, be careful to prevent violence, and did not go smoothly for five years.

People in love dreamed of heavy rain, indicating unstable mood, cold and hot, and trusting each other.

Dreaming of the original interpretation of heavy rain

The storm comes, the Lord is good. \" Dream Interpretation\"

The wind and rain, the death of man. \" Dream Interpretation\"

Dreaming of heavy rain, getting wine and meat. \"Dunhuang Ben Dream Book\"

Dream heavy rain. It is the image of Yin Shengyang. The old age dreams, the main loss of the small mouth; \"Secretary of Dreams\"

Meng Yu is as good as notes. The rain symbolizes Enze's moisturizing. Those who dream of rain and rain are stained with the weight of the rain and the severity of power. The heavy rain was stubborn, and the main yin was Shengyang. The old man dreams, and the young man with the loss of loss; \"Menglin Xuan Jie\"

What is the meaning of dreaming about rain?