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What Does It Mean To Dream Of Police Station?-Dreams Interpretation

Dreaming of the police station: It means that something you have done recently can go wrong.

Dreaming of the police station: This is to give you some warnings. Some things may happen recently, especially in your words and deeds. Be very careful in your words and deeds. It is easy to be misunderstood and lead to lawsuits. Please pay attention.

Dreaming of the police station: You should arrange your time, spend more time with your family, and have the chance to get an unexpected payment.

Dreaming of entering the police station: There is something that requires you to do your homework and carefully evaluate it. The low ebb with your lover makes you feel uneasy.

To dream of you entering the police station: You have a strong desire to accomplish something down-to-earth. Planning and doing things become stable. This is a good time to do big things.

Dreaming of being arrested in the police station: Because you have confidence in yourself and you agree to other people’s requests, you will find that your ability is limited when you really implement it.

Dreaming of working in a police station: It is difficult to concentrate, hesitated, or made a hasty mistake when making a decision, and most of it was in public.

The old man dreamed of the police station: it means you have to pay attention to your words and deeds.

The prisoner dreamed of the police station: it indicates that he will rehabilitate and be a new man.

The clerk dreamed of the police station: implying that you would offend your boss.

To dream that you were arrested by the police: you will become a favorite character of government officials.

To dream that you were beaten by the police: you would embezzle public funds and suffer heavy losses.

Dreaming of being questioned by the police: health will deteriorate.

To dream that you are wearing a police uniform: you will be implicated in criminal cases.

A woman dreamed of talking to the police: her husband’s bodyguard would be injured.

The businessman dreamed of talking with the police: it means that competitors will attack you and you need to beware.

The leader dreamed of talking to the police: the government and the police will respect themselves very much.

To dream of quarreling with the police: indicates that the enemy is threatening you.

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