What Does It Mean to Dream of Peas?-Dreams Interpretation Online

Dreaming of pea is auspicious, which is a good sign for the dreamer.

The farmer dreams of peas: the crop will have a good harvest.

To dream of eating raw peas is a good sign, and the body is strong.

Dreaming of eating cooked peas is an ominous sign and will suffer from stomach problems.

Dreaming of eating rotten peas: life is in danger.

Dreaming of pea sprouts is a bad sign, and the income will be pitifully small.

To dream of piles of peas on the threshing floor: a good income.

I dreamed that my living room was covered with peas: my wife or child was going to be sick.

Dreaming of eating pea leaves: I had to do heavy physical work to survive.

Dreaming of doing pea business is a bad omen, the business is going to close down.

Dreaming of peas: the disaster is imminent.

Dreaming of soybeans: represents health and happiness, indicating that the dreamer's current body is very healthy, and the future life will also be very happy.

Dreaming of planting soybeans: life will be rich.

To dream of eating soybeans is a sign of illness.

Travelers dream of soybeans: suggest changing the date of travel.

The businessman dreamed of soybeans: he could no longer expand his business.

Lovers dream of soybeans: you have to trust your lover, and eventually, you will get married.

A pregnant woman dreams of soybeans: giving birth to a boy and giving birth to a girl in spring.

The student dreamed of soybeans: pay a little attention to the liberal arts examination questions, and hope to be admitted.

Dream content: Dreaming of looking for something in the kitchen, seeing a jar, and opening it, it is full of peas. What does this dream indicate?

Dream analysis: Traditionally, beans are nourishment, symbolizing adequate food and clothing, and they are also suitable for trade exchange. Dreaming that pea is auspicious is a good sign for you.