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What Does It Mean To Dream Of Onions?-Dreams Interpretation

Dreaming of onions indicates that you may have your privacy announced to the public, suffer rumors and discussions, mental and physical torture, lower-income, and economic damage.

To dream of eating onions means that you are happy in life, succeed in everything you do, and defeat all opponents.

To dream of peeling onions by yourself means that you are gradually realizing your own strengths or the value of others, and you are gradually tapping your own abilities.

Dreaming of cooking with onions may indicate that you will be malaise and affect your quality of life.

Business people dream of selling onions, indicating that you will be profitable and your business will be busy.

When you dream of cutting onions, the smell of onions irritates your eyes, indicating that you will be defeated by your opponent.

To dream of seeing a lot of onions indicates that those high-level hopes will be realized.

A woman dreams of seeing a lot of onions: means that she can avoid those unpleasant suspicions.

Dreaming of onion dishes indicates that there is little profit although there are no twists and turns in your business.

Dreaming of vibrant onions means that you have met with no more, no less opposition to what you are doing, which just makes everything very interesting.

A pregnant woman dreams of an onion, indicating that you will give birth to a boy and that the child will become a respected person when he grows up.

A pregnant woman dreams of two onions, which means that the possibility that you will have twins is extremely high.

A pregnant woman dreams of planting onions: means that your hard work will get good results and your wish will be fulfilled.

Pregnant women dream of a lot of onions, indicating that you are living a high-quality, prosperous, and happy life.

A pregnant woman dreams of her husband eating onions indicates that your husband has good luck. It usually refers to an outstanding performance at work and a chance for promotion.

A pregnant woman dreams that the onion is rotten, which indicates that you or the baby in the abdomen have health problems, especially you should be more cautious and beware of miscarriage.

Pregnant women dream of eating onions, which implies that you should pay attention to nutritional supplements during pregnancy. To provide sufficient nutrition for you and your baby, you must overcome the problem of poor appetite.

A pregnant woman dreams of buying onions indicates that you may lose a lot of money due to being cheated, so you must be careful when it comes to money transactions.

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