What does it mean to dream of on the roof? Dreaming of the Geiling Interpretations.

What do you mean by dreaming of the roof

The roof of Dreams usually symbolizes some kind of protection and blessing. Dreaming of the roof, love will have an upward trend. But don't be too proud, this will appear too lightly, and may be hated by the other party, so it is necessary to stop.

Dreaming of climbing to the roof means you will get rich. I will get a chance to be promoted.

Dreaming of others on the roof, implying that their living standards will be improved.

Single dreams on the roof, indicating that you feel a little lonely, yearning for beautiful love, you have to believe that love is still coming, you must not worry, wait patiently, there is always you.

Lovers dream of going up the roof, implying that you will have disputes because of inconsistency between ideas. Do not be too excited. You should calm down to communicate slowly and try to take a step.

The businessmen dreamed that the roof was on the roof, the fortune declined, there was a loss, and they could not continue to invest. They should rectify and wait for the opportunity to attack again.

Outcomers dream of going up the roof, it is advisable to travel, everything goes smoothly. There will be a lot of gains.

Pregnant women dream of going up the roof, giving birth to a daughter, and a male in winter. Beware of moving the gas.

Dreaming of the thief standing on his roof, heralding a fortune and rich input.

Dreaming of repairing the roof or decorative roof, indicating that income will increase, or the position will be improved, and the situation will greatly improve.

Dreaming of my own roof cracks or missing holes, indicating that it will suffer losses.

Dreaming of falling from the roof, implying that your success may be just a flash, fleeting.

People in love dream of going up the roof, which shows that it is good and bad, if it can stabilize the marriage.

People of this year of life dream of going up the roof, which means disturbing mood, uncomfortable in the spring and autumn season, and all things should retreat.

People who do business dream of going up the roof, it means that they are not smooth, it is better to keep it. It is better to wait for the autumn order.

What are the merits of dreaming on the roof?