What does it mean to dream of men's genitals? Dreaming of men's genital interpretations.

What are the signs of dreaming of a man's genitals

Dreaming of the genitals may indicate a depressed sexual desire, indicating that he is eager to have sex. Dreaming of male genitals, you want to do better work/studies, or implement the plan more thoroughly, so that you can easily show a discerning attitude towards people and things.

Dreaming that you have two or more genitals, which may also suggest that people are prosperous and strong.

Men dreaming that genitals may also symbolize male power, suggesting rights and vitality of life.

Dreaming of the greater or smaller of the genitals may imply that your power, strength or vitality will be enhanced or weakened.

Dreaming that sexual organs are sick, usually implying that private life is not inspected, but excessive sexual life. But if you dream of germ pain, it is likely to imply that you are really sick, it is best to go to the hospital for examination.

Dreaming of exposing the genitals to others, expressing sexual hunger.

Women dream of castrating a man, reflecting the potential potential potentially over the other party, conquering each other's wishes.

The pregnant person dreamed of a man's genitals, indicating that there was a peaceful woman, and men were born in September and October.

People who do business dream of men's genitals, which means that it is not good for the last or two years, and will make money smoothly in the future.

People in love dream of men's genitals, indicating that stubbornness, strong, and difficult to use.

People of this year of life dream of men's genitals, which means that they are careful about car accidents and bloody disasters, which are unfavorable in autumn.

People who planned to go out dream of a man's genitals, and it is recommended that the wind stops and delays the departure.

People who are preparing to take the exam dream that the genitals of a man means that the first department of the liberal arts is slightly unsatisfactory, and the admission is expected.

Entrepreneurs dream of men's genitals, which means that they cannot openly open and cannot trade with the people of Lin.

What are the signs of dreaming about men's genitals?