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What does it mean to dream of masturbation?

We often dream of masturbation, so what does it mean to dream of masturbation? good or not? Please see below, from the perspective of modern Zhougong’s dream interpretation, original ZhouGong’s dream interpretation, psychology dream interpretation, and fortune-telling dream interpretation, for a detailed explanation of the omen of masturbation in a dream.

What does it mean to dream of masturbation?

Dreaming of masturbation is a symbol of emotional loneliness. Should put down the block line of self and try to accept others.

A businessman dreams of masturbation, which indicates that your wealth needs to accumulate slowly. Your own industry has made a small profit or a lot of loss at the beginning of business, but it can make a smooth profit as long as it changes.

A lover dreams of masturbation indicates that the relationship between you and your lover is relatively stable, and both of you are intentionally getting married. As long as you have a firm heart for each other and overcome difficulties, you can get married smoothly.

Single people dream of masturbation, it indicates that you recently shipped a good feeling.Know how to calm the emotions of yourself and your family.You have to stay close to life and achieve family happiness through your own efforts.

Entrepreneurs dream of masturbation, indicating that your recent fortune is good.As long as you work hard, you will get a good income and improve your life.

The job seeker dreams of masturbation, it indicates that your recent job hunting fortune is good, you can find a job that suits you, be careful to speak too frankly, and reduce the other party’s evaluation of yourself.

The student dreams of masturbation, indicating that you have a good learning state in the near future, your learning is very efficient, your sense of competition is very strong, and you have a tendency to be arrogant and alone.

The elderly dream of masturbation, indicating that you will pay more attention to the problems of shopping in the health aspect in the near future, and skin diseases may occur. Remember to pay attention to the protection of moisturizers.

The prisoner dreams of masturbating, it is auspicious, and will soon be released and free.

The patient dreams of masturbation, it is a good omen, and will soon be healthy and healed.

To dream that you are masturbating indicates that you will go to a strange environment.

To dream of others masturbating indicates that you will have new friends.

Dreaming that the opposite sex is masturbating, indicating that you will meet love.

Dreaming of masturbating for others indicates that the disharmony of usual sex life leads to sadness.

A woman dreams that she is masturbating, indicating that she is a person with many styles, many suitors, and not comfortable with the status quo. Dreaming of masturbation also depends on different situations.

A man dreams of masturbating, indicates that you have a good fortune in interpersonal relationships, and can gain the appreciation of the elders and the favor of the opposite sex by virtue of your articulation.

To dream that you are interesting in masturbating indicates that you are satisfied with love and career in real life.

To dream that you are feel pain about masturbating indicates that you will lose the trust of your friends and family, and the help of your friends and family at critical moments.

Men and women in love dream of each other masturbating, indicating that your love will be sweeter, you will love each other deeply, and you will soon become married.

Having the same dream of masturbation in the short term means that you will have a mental breakdown due to the pressure of work and life, and you should prepare as soon as possible.

A pregnant woman dreams of masturbation indicates that you are pregnant with a boy, but you must be careful to prevent miscarriage during pregnancy.

Dreaming of masturbation in divination dream interpretation:

Dreaming of the masturbation’s Zhou Gong interpreting the dream lottery. Before drawing the lottery, you must be focused and unanimous.Put your hands together and read silently: “Zhou Gong ZhouGong, give me some guidance.” Then silently recite the dream of masturbation and your name, date of birth, residential address, and the question of asking for guidance.Such as marriage, career, wealth and so on.Finally, you meditate on one of the numbers from one to one hundred in your mind, and then toss the cup. You can get this lotus for three consecutive holy grails.

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