What Does It Mean to Dream of Lychees?-Dreams Interpretation

Dreaming of mature lychees indicates a happy marriage and a harmonious family.

A businessman dreams of lychees: it indicates that you will make a profit. Beware of thieves.

People in love dream of lychees—they can get married by communicating with each other.

A pregnant person dreams of litchi: giving birth to a boy. Give birth to a daughter in autumn.

A married man dreams of lychees: it indicates that the future wife is loyal and considerate to you and happy marriage.

An unmarried man dreams of lychees: it is a good omen and a happy marriage.

An unmarried woman dreams of lychees indicates that life after marriage is unhappy, and may follow the wishes of her parents to marry an incompetent husband.

The middle: aged person dreams of lychees: everything is gradually turning smoothly, but don't worry.

The single person dreams of lychees: it indicates the far door, a good omen.

Entrepreneurs dream of lychees: this is a time for consumption to satisfy their desire for enjoyment. Simply open your wallet and buy yourself some long: awaited things to reward yourself.

To dream of picking lychees: implies that the dreamer is not suitable to travel, as there will be obstacles on the way.

A pregnant woman dreams of picking lychees: it indicates that you will have a lively and healthy son soon, which is a good omen.

To dream of stealing lychees indicates that the dreamer often misses the past recently and is easily sentimental.

Dreaming of peeling lychees: implies that you will quarrel with others, and suggest that you adjust your emotions.