What does it mean to dream of long penis? | Dream Interpretation

To dream of having long genitals indicates that the fortune of wealth will be improved if you get this dream. Treating others with sincerity is a sign of good career development. Don’t get entangled with others because of trivial matters. disturbed. If you have this dream, if you get along with others with your heart, you will have noble people to help you in your career. To get this dream, you should pay attention to being sincere with others in exchange for good returns. Dreaming in winter is auspicious, but dreaming in summer is inauspicious.

If the family relationship is not harmonious, it is unlucky to go north. If you get this dream, you can improve your fortune, which is a good omen.

A person who seeks a job abroad dreams of having long genitals, which means that he will have a lot of money and a good career. Those who have a smooth career and get along well with others will have good fortune in wealth.

Recently, there is a dream of a disputer in the family, the main business can have the friendship of others to treat each other sincerely, and life has the meaning of good luck.

A divorced man dreams that his genitals are very long, and the relationship is quite smooth. If the opposite sex treats each other sincerely, the two fall in love with each other, and they will be envied by others.

A mild-mannered person dreams of long genitals, indicating that life is not going well, and those who have a lot of quarrels with others over money matters will have difficulty in making money and often feel uneasy.

An unmarried woman in love dreams that her genitals are very long, and there are many signs of good luck in the family. People with rich fortune will have a harmonious family, a prosperous old age, and a good life.

People with head diseases dream of long genitalia, which is a sign of poor physical condition recently, mainly lung disease and large intestine disease, which means poor physical condition and many troubles.

People engaged in natural resources, plant cultivation and other related industries dream of long genitals, and seek money from the southeast, which means good fortune, and this dream is mostly good luck.