What Does It Mean To Dream Of Lips?-Dreams Interpretation Online

All lies are told from the mouth. The function of the lips is to control the opening and closing of the mouth and to control oneself, to tell the truth, but not the lie. So in dreams, lips mean loyalty.

Dreaming of full and sweet lips is a symbol of harmony and wealth. For people who are in a relationship, it means that they can trust and understand each other.

Dreaming of red lips is a sign of good health and prosperity.

And if the lips are white or yellow, it means that due to moral and inner problems, they have brought disease to themselves.

Dreaming of thick lips means that you have been lacking in sex life, so your desires are very strong, and sometimes your needs are too obvious to an unhealthy degree.

Dreaming that you have thick lips means that you are too loyal to tell right from wrong. Even if you are abused or humiliated by others, you are still unwilling to resist.

A man who dreams of a woman with red lips means that she will be tempted and deceived by a woman.

Dreaming of a woman with white lips means that outside provocations cannot succeed and that his wife or friends will be loyal to him.

Dreaming of a woman with black lips means that external pressure will make you do hard work and become exhausted.

Dreaming of a woman with thin lips means that you will be hurt by others.

Dreaming of white or yellow lips indicates that you will get sick.

Dreaming of a woman with thin lips indicates that she will get love.

Lips are usually also a symbol of female genitalia and may appear in erotic dreams. This type of dream may be purely enjoyable, with no other meaning implied in it.

Dreaming about the mouth has a similar meaning, but it also implies nourishment (or love).

It is also worth remembering that both the mouth and lips symbolize the female genitalia.