What does it mean to dream of lightning? Dreaming of lightning interpretations.

What does it mean to dream of lightning lightning?

Lightning thunder is majestic and scary, symbolizing the voice of his father or other authoritative characters in the dream. Lightning will never be interrupted by anything. As long as you set off, you will definitely reach the goal, symbolizing the smoothness of the matter without hindrance.

Dreaming of thunderstorm masterpieces, indicating that the dreamer's career will be successful.

Students dream of lightning lightning, which is a sign, and can achieve excellent test results.

The girl dreamed of lightning thunder, auspicious signs, indicating that they would marry a well -known family.

Patients dreamed of lightning thunder, but the body would recover.

A married woman dreamed of thunderous rain, indicating that you are worried about your husband, and you will inevitably care more about your husband in your life.

Unmarried women dream of heavy rain and thunder, indicating that your marriage may be caught off guard, and you will marry a famous person.

Men dreamed that lightning mines, and has always had some things to handle experience, so that you do n’t have enough experience in experience, do not learn, do not know enough about themselves, and repeatedly hook in the face of danger. The feeling of hypoxia for stocks allows you to escape into the world of self -pondering.

Women dream of thunder lightning and actively communicate with others, worrying that their enthusiasm is not enough to reveal her voice too much, so it is often easy for others to see you at a glance.

Pregnant women dreamed of lightning lightning. When communicating with people, do not impose their consciousness to others, and they can save unnecessary disputes.

The businessman dreamed that the lightning thunderous sounded, indicating that you have a wealth of wealth, and there will be large inputs.

The patient dreamed of lightning lightning, indicating that it was not far from the body.

Dreaming of lightning lightning flashes flashes, indicating that you will have some twists and turns in love. You may continue to quarrel about some small things, but it will not cause completely rupture.

The thunder in the dream is small, or the thunder is continuous, indicating that you have friends who have falsified and dishonesty with you. You may already feel that there are friends around you who fake you, but your reason is unwilling to admit it.

Dreaming that he was almost wounded by lightning, saying that he could avoid unfortunate things.

Dreaming of lightning in the West indicates that your future is glory and extraordinary.

Dreaming of seeing lightning on the southwest, indicating that good luck is coming.

Students dream of lightning, implying that recent thinking is agile and expected to achieve excellent results.

Dreaming of the lightning above your head, announced that you will make a profit, and you will be happy.

People in love dreamed of lightning thunder, indicating that the mood was unstable, cold and hot, and trusting each other.

People who do business dream of lightning thunder, which means that they can gain money with care. Autumn is good.

People who attended the school dreamed of lightning thunder means that the grades did not meet the admission criteria and the oral test failed.

The pregnant person dreamed of lightning lightning, indicating that there were women, winter, and men, and beware of abortion.

The people of this year of life dreamed of lightning thunder, which means that the ancestors of the family are uneasy, and everything is not satisfactory and should be cautious.

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