What does it mean to dream of landslide? Dreaming of landslide interpretations.

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What is the meaning of dreaming of landslide and ground.

Dreaming of landslide cracking is an unlucky dream. Bailing is not good, you must act with caution. Or there is a decline in family career, restless population, brothers branch, mother and wife, and treacherousness, things are unknown.

Dreaming of the landslide and the mood is very anxious. It will have a serious illness. It may break the fortune. You must do your best to prevent this presentation.

Dreaming of the scene after the landslide, reminding the dreamer's family may argue or family will get sick.

Dreaming that the landslide was successful, it indicated that the basic fortune was not good, and a relative may die, or suffered a major crisis and twists and turns.

Dreaming that the landslide cracking the house collapsed and had poor fortunes and bad things came to themselves, it might be infected with some diseases. This is a bad start.

Dreaming of the landscape of the place where you live, the things on the ceiling fall down, but the house does not fall, indicating that the work of the dreamer may change, or the lover will be transferred to work outside the field.

Dreaming of the landslide, and the stone rolled down from the mountain, implying that the dreamer recently encountered some small problems, which caused himself to stress, so that he had a lot of ideas, and re -examined himself. Want to make changes from the heart.

Dreaming of a landslide cracking yourself, suggesting that the relationship between friends is lower, your stubborn personality may cause bad consequences. To correct your shortcomings, friends will be more.

Dreaming of the landslide cracking floods. The recent fortunes are average. Families or people will encounter some troubles. If the flood color is turbid in the dream, it means that the problems encountered are difficult to solve.

A single person dreams of the landslide, indicating that your recent love fortune is not very stable, and the twists and turns will be very large.

Married men and women dream of landslide, indicating that marriage may lurk a big crisis.

Scholars and experts dreamed that the landslide meant that the dream would be famous for their academic achievements.

The pregnant person dreamed that the mountains were cracking, indicating that there were daughters, and avoiding the soil tire.

People in love dreamed of the landslide, indicating that the speed of the speed was determined, and the action could be achieved immediately.

The people who planned to go out dream of the landslide, and suggested that the nobles help and travel Ruyi auspicious.

People who do business dream of the landslide, which means that they are cautious to prevent friends, lawsuits, and lawsuits.

The people who prepared the exam dreamed that the landslide meant that the liberal arts scores were not good and the oral test scores were also poor.

The people of the fateful year dream of the landslide, which means that men must not be lucky, and they should maintain more body, and women are auspicious.