What does it mean to dream of killing someone? | Dream Interpretation

To dream of killing someone, to get this dream, to practice the law of thunder, to gain wealth, a sign of prosperous career, but there are many villains, face and heart are not in harmony, half good and half bad. If you have this dream, you are often bound by others. If you have a lot of luck, it will be difficult to make money smoothly, intrigue with each other, and your life will be uneasy. Dreaming in autumn is auspicious, but dreaming in winter is unlucky.

Those who seek money outside dream of it. Seeking money in the south is a sign of wealth.

Official applicants dream of killing people, a sign of good fortune, treat others with sincerity in all things, and careers can often advance. People who seek money are not going well in their careers, and there are many signs of villains around them. Don't vent your emotions to others. People with self-disciplines will not be able to develop their careers well.

Recently, those who often have nightmares dream about it, the main business may gain the trust of others, or there may be signs of rich money, and being sincere in doing things is an opportunity to get rich.

A married man dreams of killing someone in a dream, and his emotional affairs often change. Those with complicated heterosexual relationships often have extramarital affairs.

Single men dream of killing someone, indicating that there are signs of uneasiness in life and a sense of trouble in their hearts.

A remarried person dreams of killing someone, there are a lot of family disputes, and he is uneasy because of the quarrel between Yin and Sun, and there are even more troubles in the family, which are entangled in the heart and come out in dreams.

People who have discordant family relationships dream of killing someone, which is a sign of unfavorable physical condition in the near future. Those with high career pressure should not force it.

Those who are engaged in tourism, overseas investment and other related industries dream of killing people and seek wealth in the southeast. For the benefit of money, if you don't treat each other with sincerity, your career will be uneasy.