What does it mean to dream of jumping? | Dream Interpretation

To dream of jumping off the ridge, this dream is a symbol of bad things, there are many villains causing trouble, the five elements dominate water, and there are many signs of villains in the career of this dream. If you dream of this dream, you will not deal with the world well, and there are many signs of villains obstructing it. Those who have troubles in life will feel uneasy in their hearts, and their career development will be unfavorable. Autumn dreams are auspicious, and spring dreams are unlucky.

A dream of a man in love indicates that he will go to the southwest to seek wealth, and his fortune will improve.

A married woman dreams of jumping over a ridge, indicating that she will have a lot of wealth. There are worries about career, entanglements with others, and mutual suspicion.

Dream of a single man is a sign that he is often tied down by others in his career, has complicated relationships with the different in nature, or has a workplace romance or a sign of emotional dissatisfaction.

A married person dreams of jumping a ridge, and there are many signs of improvement in the relationship. If you are sincere with others, you will have good luck in life with each other. Dream, the relationship between the two can improve, this is a good omen.

When a scholar dreams of jumping over a ridge, there is a lot of nostalgia, thinking every day, dreaming at night, and those who have trouble in life, all have troubles in their hearts.

Old people dream of jumping over a ridge, most of those who get this dream are rich in family business and have virtuous descendants, which is a symbol of good omen.

A mild-tempered person dreams of jumping over a ridge, which is a sign of good health recently. A sick person who has this dream is a sign of recovery, especially for those with gastrointestinal diseases.

Those engaged in finance, accounting and other industries dream of jumping over a ridge, which means that it is unlucky to go north.