What Does It Mean To Dream Of Fighting With Classmates?-Dreams Interpretation

Dreaming of fighting with classmates indicates that your interpersonal relationship is very good, you are a cheerful person, and your friends like you very much.

Dreaming that your husband is fighting with others means that your husband is about to get sick or some accidents happen, and the chance of surgery is very high, and you need to be recuperated for a long time. If your husband needs to go out to work soon, he must be reminded to pay more attention to safety.

Dreaming of your child fighting with others indicates that your attention to your child is decreasing recently, and subconsciously reminds you to increase your relationship with your child. It is recommended that even if you have a lot of work pressure soon, do not bring your busy work into your family. Your neglect of your children will cause harm to your children.

Dreaming of a group of dogs fighting means that you may have a serious dispute soon, and you have to get involved in a lawsuit. You must pay attention to your speech and behavior and the content of your work, and do not conflict with each other because of your work.

Dreaming of a group of cats fighting means that you have recently suffered from physical problems, especially the digestive system. Intestinal inflammation, gastritis, etc. may occur. Soon, you must pay more attention to your diet and eat food with less oil and salt. For people suffering from toothache, the desire to eat sweets must be restrained soon.

Dreaming about cats and dogs fighting means that your interpersonal relationship has started to improve. Before you have arrived at a new job position, so many people are not familiar with it, but recently you will increase your communication with colleagues because of your job.

To dream of hitting yourself means that you are very self-blaming or inferior. You see that people around you are very happy, and your life is very embarrassing, so you want to change yourself.