What does it mean to dream of father's surgery? | Dream Interpretation

Dreamed about father's operation, got this dream, although you have the heart to cooperate and live with others, but you are intriguing with each other, and your career will be unfavorable. If you have a stubborn personality, it will be difficult to make money, and it will be disadvantageous to seek money. If you dream of this dream, you will not deal with the world well, because there are many signs of quarreling with others because of money, the fortune of wealth is difficult to prosper, and you often have the intention of escaping in your heart. Autumn dreams are auspicious, and spring dreams are unlucky.

A person who seeks an official dream, it is auspicious to go west, and unlucky to go east. Don't be greedy in matters of wealth. Self-assessment, or those who have disputes with others, get along very uneasy, pent up in the heart, and express it in dreams.

A person who is looking for a job abroad dreams of his father's operation, which means that the main career will not go smoothly, and the fortune is quite unfavorable. There are some depressions in the main career, some emotional ups and downs, and people who are greedy for money and lustful have a lot of troubles.

Greedy people dream of, the Lord has many noble people to help you in your recent career, you should be modest and prudent in everything, and don't make your own decisions.

A middle-aged man dreams about his father's surgery, which means he will have a lot of luck, emotional matters, treat others with heart, and have a long-term relationship with each other.

A full-time wife dreams of her father's surgery, which indicates that life will be unfavorable. Those who seek money should not do things on their own, but sincerely treat others with opportunities to improve their lives.

Old people dream of their father's operation, and there are troubles at home, and life is uneasy. If you get this dream, don't vent your emotions on your family members, and you should do things calmly.

A courteous person dreams of his father's operation, indicating good health, and those with liver and gallbladder disease, a sign of improvement in physical condition, which is an auspicious sign.

A person engaged in finance, accounting and other related industries dreamed of his father's surgery, and it is auspicious to go south, a sign of improved fortune, good at management, and good luck in career.