What Does It Mean to Dream of Falling Stones?-Dreams Interpretation

Dreaming of rocks falling on the mountain: recent fortunes are normal, don't be disturbed by other things at work, and handle the relationship with colleagues well. Financial management needs to be taken very seriously.

The old man dreamed that the rocks on the mountain rolled down: your fortunes are good recently, but you can't be proud.

Middle: aged and elderly people dream of falling rocks on the mountain: need to continue to pay attention to joint injuries, the spirit tends to be melancholy, and skin cleaning work should still be paid attention to.

Unmarried men and women dream of falling rocks on the mountain: indicating that their love affair is heating a lot.

A woman dreams of stones: she will get stomach problems.

Dreaming of Black Stone: The enemy will oppose oneself.

Dreaming of White Stone: It is difficult to deal with the distribution of family property.

To dream of moving stones with your head: you can fulfill your responsibilities well.

Dreaming of smashing stones: It is a good omen, hard work, can get something.

Dreaming of hitting people with stones: catastrophe is imminent.

To dream of others hitting yourself with stones: you will become a celebrity.

To dream of walking on a stone: life will be comfortable.

The prisoner dreamed of walking on a stone: he would soon be released from prison.

To dream of picking up stones: indicates that good luck is approaching.

Unemployed people dream of picking up stones: it indicates that they will find a satisfactory job soon.

A girl dreams of picking up rocks: It indicates that she will find a partner she likes.

The patient dreamed of running on a stone road: it means that the condition will get worse.

To dream of moving stones with your head: the responsibility can be fulfilled well.

Dreaming of many stones: It means that there will be countless difficulties and failures in the future, which must be overcome one by one.

To dream of broken stones or a lot of broken stones: It means that you have had a little trouble recently.

Dreaming of throwing stones: It means that you are ashamed and you should reflect on yourself and try to make up for it.

To dream of falling stones in the sky: It means that you will suffer unprovoked accusations and you should prove your innocence

To dream of hitting yourself on the head with a stone: It means that you will soon move to work.

To dream of hitting others with stones: It means that the danger will come from the enemy.

To dream of many stones blocking one's way: that the enemy will try to defeat oneself.