What Does It Mean To Dream Of Drought?-Dreams Interpretation Online

Global warming, Drought in the summer, the ground is dry reservoir of Mae Moh, Lampang, Thailand.

Dreaming of drought usually symbolizes the feeling of dryness or the need for emotional nourishment. It is possible that in life, you are suffering from emotional shock, or a loved one has passed away, and your heart is extremely sad.

Dreaming about drought may also mean that there is a problem in your career and you are in trouble, but you will eventually run away from the trouble.

Dreaming that the vegetables in the farmland are all dead due to drought. It means that you are currently in trouble. It may be at work, career, relationship, or there may be problems in your home.

To dream of being tanned by drought often means a warning signal sent by the body. Maybe there is something wrong with the body.

Dreaming of drought and all rice withered indicates that someone in the family is critically ill and must go to the hospital.

Dreaming that the land is dry and the harvest is reduced indicates that you will get sick and you should pay more attention to your body.

Dreaming that the countryside is very dry and barren means that there will be famine and disease on this land.

Dreaming that the drought is very serious and the dead bodies are everywhere, which means that some of your old problems will get better.

Scholars dream of drought, which means that what you said is criticized by the public, and you will be ashamed.

The prisoner dreamed of a drought, implying that you committed a serious crime and you will spend half your life in prison.

Farmers dream of drought: indicates that this year's crops will be very good and a bumper harvest.

Dreaming of land drought indicates that you will encounter difficulties on the way forward.

Dreaming about the drought of seedlings indicates that you will run into trouble in your personal life.

Dreaming of drizzling rain on the dry land is a good thing, indicating that everything about you is turning for the better.

Dreaming of a drought in your hometown indicates that you may suffer short-term suffering, but you will get out of the difficult situation soon.

Dreaming of famine due to drought indicates that the economy is in recession and your health is not good, which may be the reason why your business is not running well.

To dream of your enemy dying due to drought and starvation means that you will compete with him and you will win in the end.