What does it mean to dream of buying underwear? Dreaming of buying underwear interpretations.

What do you mean by dreaming of buying underwear

The underwear in the dream, which heralds the feelings that do not want people to know. Dreaming of buying underwear, implying that the workplace fortune is rising, the clean style of work helps you improve the efficiency of work, and also impressed others.

Dreaming of buying underwear yourself indicates that your recent fortunes are not good. For a moment, you will fall into the trap of others. Remember to pay more attention.

Dreaming that I bought a lot of underwear, implying that we should be vigilant and be careful to be deceived.

Dreaming of others buying underwear indicates that they may quarrel with others.

Dreaming of buying underwear for others indicates that privacy may be peeped by others.

Women dream of buying underwear, and also imply that social activities will increase and are very popular.

A married person dreams of buying underwear, and you predict that your recent feelings are very good luck. After the marriage, you have lived sweetly, which will make people envious.

The dream of buying underwear in school indicates that your recent test results are very good. Remember not to be proud, you need to work hard.

The dream of buying a job to buy underwear is not good for job hunting. It is difficult to get the post you want. The mentality is very low.

The office workers dream of buying underwear. You have a bad luck recently, and often make mistakes in work, causing scolding by your boss.

Patients dream of buying underwear, and the recent fortunes are very good. They have not improved their condition. They are slowly recovering and they can be discharged soon.

People in love dream of buying underwear, indicating that because the villain destructs and loses confidence, you should consider more and get married.

People who do business dream of buying underwear means that although it has not yet stabilized, it has been smoothly on the orbit.

People who are preparing to take the exam dream of buying underwear, which means that they are close to the admission results and have a little hard work.

People who dream of buying underwear in this year mean that there must be a cause of things, and it is better to deal with it with caution.

Pregnant people dream of buying underwear, indicating that men can be born, and women are born in April and May.

People who planned to go out dream of buying underwear, and it is better to postpone the extension.

What are the indications of dreaming of buying underwear?