What Does It Mean To Dream Of Buying Lottery Tickets?-Dreams Interpretation

To dream of buying lottery tickets: indicates your desire for wealth.

Dreaming of buying lottery tickets: avoiding can not solve the problem, you still have to face up to the contradictions in your heart. I want to do some financial planning on money, but I am unable to act for a long time. In the face of bottlenecks that are difficult to break through, you might as well let yourself relax a bit.

A business person dreams of buying lottery tickets: it means that you are prone to lawsuits recently.

People in love dream of buying lottery tickets: when both parties understand clearly, it is time to separate.

A pregnant person dreams of buying lottery tickets: giving birth to a boy.

A man dreams of winning a lottery ticket: he will encounter a big setback at work, and his luck will improve soon.

A woman dreams of winning a lottery by buying a lottery: a successful career and a better fortune.

To dream of winning a lottery prize: will be humiliated by others.

Single aristocrats dream of winning the lottery prize: recently they have had more opportunities to cooperate with their lovers in love, so they can understand each other more clearly. New love opportunities often germinate from partnerships, and the chance of office romances increases.

To dream of winning a lottery or lottery: there will be mistakes at work and the hard work will be in vain.

To dream of participating in a lottery draw and buying a lottery ticket: money income is difficult to reach the desired level, it is recommended to pay more attention to financial information.

To dream that someone else wins the lottery: recently your body's resistance will become weaker, and you will easily catch a cold, so pay more attention to sleep.

To dream of going bankrupt because of buying lottery tickets: recent career and economic growth will have been good.