What does it mean to dream of buying corn? Dreaming of buying corn interpretations.

What is the sign of dreaming about buying corn

The corn in the dream represents the real thing. Dreaming of buying corn indicates that life will be rich, the situation is stable, smooth and happy, can eliminate difficulties, be able to help people, and get the great success of fame and fortune, and life is comfortable.

Dreaming of buying corn to eat: It indicates that your life will be very happy, and everything is smooth. It is a good sign.

Dreaming of buying corn sticks, indicating that the source of wealth and the love of many people.

Women dream of buying corn: what represents the real thing.

Dreaming of a foreskin without foreskin indicates that the source of wealth and the love of many people.

Seeing corn in your dream, it means that what you have been looking forward to will be realized. If you dream that you are eating corn bread, it means that you will be able to break through the difficulty and follow your ideals.

Dreaming of buying corn, the situation is prone to a day when suddenly reversed! Things are not in your control, it is inevitable that there are some panic! Today's abnormal performance is often a precursor to changes. You need to pay more attention to pay more attention. That's!

Dreaming of other people buying corn, indicating that you can easily have some frustration today, and you will suddenly quarrel with your lover. Keep enough calmness to deal with it, and keep your head down to admit your mistakes, then all bad luck and atmosphere today will surround you.

Dreaming of buying corn eat, saying that during this period, you have a good sense of accomplishment in your work. All your ideas can get the affirmation of the boss, and you will also get the envy of colleagues.

People who planned to go out dreamed of buying corn, and suggested that when the wind stops, it is postponed.

People who do business dream of buying corn represents a lot of money in real estate.

Pregnant people dream of buying corn, indicating that there are men. Three or April gave birth to a daughter. Be careful to prevent abortion.

People in love dreamed of buying corn, showing that sexuality is difficult to accommodate, and tolerate marriage can be achieved.

People who prepare for the exam dream of buying corn, which means that the initial test score is not good, the oral test is also difficult, and it affects the admission results.

People who dream of buying corn in this year mean that they are out of money.

What is the sign of dreaming of buying corn?