What does it mean to dream of bungee jumping? Dreaming of bungee interpretations.

What do you mean by dreaming of bungee jumping

Jiu Jiu will fluctuate. Dreaming of bungee jumping hints that your fortune is not good. Most of them are stressing by your career, and if you want to succeed, you need to accumulate experience for a long time to have good opportunities.

Dreaming of bungee jumping is not dare to jump, implying that it is an exquisite interpersonal relationship, but it is not necessarily in the eyes of others. Maybe people think you are a wall grass.

Dreaming of friends bungee jumping, indicating that you will continue to increase new friends, you can get a lot of knowledge from friends, and it will be very fulfilling every day.

Dreaming that others invite themselves to bungee jumping, indicating that they will have additional income and may inherit the inheritance.

Dreaming that the bungee rope was broken, suggesting that they would encounter obstruction in the employment, thinking that there was a confidence. At a critical time, the performance of others often made you mistake.

Women dream of bungee jumping, implying that wealth is more deceived by others, or there is a dispute between right and wrong, and it is difficult to make a difference between each other.

Unmarried men and women dream of bungee jumping, indicating your love, urgent, and patience to succeed.

The old man dreamed of bungee jumping, and soon there would be diseases. Remember to pay more attention.

pregnant women dream of bungee jumping. Recently, your mentality is not good. He has too anxious reactions to your baby's health. Remember to keep a peaceful attitude.

Patients dream of bungee jumping. Recently, your condition will deteriorate again, which may endanger your life. You should be prepared for psychological preparation.

The people of this year of life dream of bungee jumping, which means unexpected wealth, beware of official lawsuits, disaster, and repeated phenomena.

People who do business dream of bungee jumping, representing losses, losses, fire prevention, and defense officers, so as not to be worse.

People in love dream of bungee jumping, indicating that although there are obstacles, misunderstandings are resolved, and slowly hope to marry.

Those who travel dreamed of bungee jumping, indicating that they could not depart as scheduled, and the decision date was delayed.

People who go to school dream of bungee jumping, which means that they must pass the twists and turns before they can get it as expected.

The pregnant person dreamed of bungee jumping, indicating that there was a daughter, a man in winter, and a disincember.

Dreaming of the original Zhou Gong interpretation of bungee jumping

Seeing the cliff, the Lord is not good. \"Zhou Gong's Dream Interpretation\"

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