What Does It Mean to Dream of Bullets?-Dreams Interpretation Online

Dreaming of bullets: It reminds you not to easily confess your feelings to others, or talk about some privacy that should not be publicized, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble in your future life.

To dream that you were hit by a bullet: It implies that you should go for a health check to take preventive measures to ensure your health.

Dreaming that bullets come like raindrops, but you are unscathed: It means that although there are many troubles in your life, you can face it calmly and solve various problems in a suitable way.

To dream that you have been shot: Although you have the power to lead the direction and make decisions, you need to respect the opinions of customers and partners, and you must not be wishful thinking or self-righteous. It is better to make more concessions and compromises.

Women dream about neutron bombs: It means that you will live a very hard life recently, and may even be ruined.

To dream of loading bullets in a pistol: It means that when you are in danger, you will get sympathy from your friends.

To dream of you shooting bullets: implies that you will encounter disasters, misfortunes, etc.

To dream that you killed someone with a bullet indicates that you will bear the condemnation of others, face setbacks and failures, and may even lose your job.

To dream of someone shooting at you, but you were not injured: it means that you may be charged or accused, but in the end, you are safe.

To dream that the bullet did not hit you: It is a sign of better fortune, and it also implies that you are lucky and can make new friends.

Looking for a worker and dreaming that the bullet missed you: It indicates that your job hunting is good. Success or failure often lies in your firm belief. The examiner's examination questions hide many tentative traps. It is quite beneficial to recognize your position beforehand.

Unmarried men and women dreamed that the bullet did not hit you: Recently, your romance is very good, and your relationship with your lover is as innocent as a child, but you should also worry about the truth hurting others. It is possible to meet a partner who has similar interests.

Psychological interpretation of bullets in dreams

The bullet in the dream implies trouble and illness.