What Does It Mean To Dream Of Bleeding Eyes?-Dreams Interpretation Online

To dream of a bird pecking at your left eye is a sign that something sharp has touched a vulnerable side of you. Or you do not want to see certain things.

To dream of an owl's eye in the darkness foretells that your family member is going to be seriously ill.

To dream of bleeding eyes foretells that you will suffer great grief and foretells that someone close to you may die.

A patient dreaming of bleeding eyes represents that you will soon recover your health.

To dream of a loved one bleeding from the eyes means you are a good person who is affectionate and loving.

An office worker dreaming of bleeding eyes means your work luck is ordinary and you may quarrel with your colleagues, you should learn to be tolerant.

Married men and women dreaming of bleeding eyes indicate that your recent love situation is still uncertain and your lover may have hidden some secrets from you.

To dream that your eyes are blindfolded symbolizes that you are trying some bad behavior that will bring you trouble.

To dream that your eyes are blindfolded suggests that someone, in reality, will turn against you and will do something to deceive you on purpose.

To dream that other eyes are blindfolded implies that you are dishonest in conducting interactions with others and are holding an agenda that just hasn't been discovered yet.

Dream interpretation: The adult body symbolizes in the dream the complete image of the person (including his character and features) or conscious self. When a person is still a wailing baby, his body becomes the most important source of information about himself.

Psychoanalysis: The eye in a dream represents observation or commentary; in addition, it can indicate the person's intelligence.